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Vinasoy introduces new Fami Go soy drink

Released at: 14:51, 19/09/2018 BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT

Vinasoy introduces new Fami Go soy drink

Photo: Vinasoy

Latest soy product available in over 150,000 retail outlets nationwide.

by Linh Chi

Vinasoy has officially launched a new soy product with the brand name Fami Go.

Made from 100 per cent selected non-GMO soy beans with a special recipe that increases soy protein by 50 per cent and flavored with violet glutinous rice and red/black beans, Fami Go provides four necessary nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, fat and vitamins, and offers a quick, convenient and comprehensive breakfast to help consumers begin a new day.

Fami Go is an innovative product aimed at creating a new trend in the nutritional beverage market, as it redefines breakfast in the modern era. Customers can drink Fami Go for breakfast and be fully energized quickly with comprehensive nutrients. A box of Fami Go Only takes just a minute for breakfast instead of 10-15 minutes for a regular breakfast with unbalanced and insufficient nutrients.

“After 21,000 hours of in-depth research from international and local experts along with improving the recipe 209 times and surveying thousands of consumers, we finally created Fami Go - a quick, comprehensive nutritional breakfast for busy consumers,” said Mr. Ngo Van Tu, Vinasoy CEO. “This latest product is a new weapon helping Vinasoy dominate the urban market with its segment of young and active service seekers.”

He added that the potential for growth in the nutritional beverage market is huge, since soymilk is now as global trend because it is recognized as a super food. In Europe, Middle-Asia, and Asia, soybeans are the most-used ingredient in new organic products. The launch of Fami Go is the first step in its southern-market dominance and youth-market strategy in 2018-2020, which aims to achieve double-digit growth and billions of dollars in revenue by 2027.

Soymilk consumption in Vietnam is predicted to increase from 780 million liters to 900 million liters by 2020. Vinasoy has led the industry for years, with an 84 per cent market share, while more than 50 per cent and 65 per cent of rural and urban families, respectively, remain unapproached, especially in the urban and southern market.

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