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Viettel to launch mobile network in Myanmar

Released at: 16:01, 28/05/2018

Viettel to launch mobile network in Myanmar

Photo: Viettel Group

Mytel to get underway on June 9 in Myanmar, Viettel's 10th international market.

by Ngoc Lan

The Viettel Group will launch a mobile network in Myanmar on June 9, called Mytel.

This is its tenth international market and has the largest population, at nearly 53 million.

Mytel will invest in telecom infrastructure in its first year, with more than 7,000 4G base transceiver stations and over 30,000 km of optical fiber cables. Mytel is the first and only 4G network in the country.

Mr. Le Dang Dung, Deputy General Director of Viettel, said that Myanmar’s telephone density is quite low but its economy has developed rapidly, so opportunities for telecom companies in general and Viettel in particular are substantial. “We aim to have 2 to 3 million customers this year,” he added.

Mytel is the brand name of Telecom International Myanmar - a joint venture between Viettel Global (a subsidiary of the Viettel Group) and two local partners: the Star High Public Company and Myanmar National Telecom Holding Public (MNTH).

Total investment is $1.5 billion, accounting for 66 per cent of all registered capital from Vietnam in Myanmar. Vietnam now ranks seventh out of 49 countries and territories investing in the country following this investment and was the second-largest investor in the ASEAN region as at June 2017.

Mytel is the fourth mobile network in Myanmar, joining the local MPT, with a 42 per cent market share, Teleenor from Norway with 35 per cent, and Ooredoo from Qatar with 23 per cent.

Myanmar has the highest economic growth rate in all foreign markets Viettel is present in, at 7 per cent. It is also a fast-growing country in the telecommunications and information technology sectors.

From a country with the lowest rate of mobile phone use in the world (after North Korea), the proportion of mobile SIM cards in the population rose from 10 per cent to nearly 90 per cent in just three years and the total number of data subscribers increased from 600,000 to more than 16 million.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Myanmar could expand the scale of its economy four-fold by 2030, to $200 billion. Along with banking and finance and energy, information and communications technology is considered a promising sector for foreign businesses in terms of market potential and human resources.

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