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Vietnamobile rolls out 3G nationwide

Released at: 11:17, 13/09/2017

Vietnamobile rolls out 3G nationwide

Photo: Khanh Chi (VET)

Service covers all 63 cities and provinces throughout Vietnam.

by Hong Nhung

Vietnamobile announced on September 12 that its services cover Vietnam’s 63 cities and provinces with 3G speeds that in some areas are on par with the speed of LTE.

For the past year, it has been heavily investing in infrastructure and networks and can now officially boast being able to serve 90 per cent of the population.

This is Vietnamobile’s latest major achievement and they are focusing more on people. The brand has identified that their ultimate goal, through perfecting their platforms and services and brand experiences, is to serve young people in Vietnam better.

“We always try to remember that our business is meant for people,” said Ms. Elizabete Fong, CEO of Vietnamobile. “This is the biggest reason why we put our best efforts into understanding young Vietnamese.”

To prove they can walk the talk, Vietnamobile has been developing their services to cater to the needs of young Vietnamese, not only in big cities but throughout the country. The completion of its high-speed 3G network in all 63 cities and provinces will help its subscribers easily access high-speed internet anytime, anywhere.

Beyond high-tech infrastructure and high-speed nationwide coverage, Vietnamobile is also introducing data plans that are considered the most attractive in the market to date. The plans have been carefully and strategically crafted for young people, who are constantly consuming information online, streaming videos, and being on-the-go.

“We understand that young people have a lower budget but have a higher need for always being online,” Ms. Fong said. “Our system is smart enough to track the usage of customers and automatically adjust the data limit of each customer, without them needing to manually re-subscribe to new plans.”

The brand also introduced another data plan that can be applied to high usage consumers, which provides 1GB of data to users every day. “These plans not just fuel the everyday life of our young customers but also gives breadth to what they want to do for their future,” she added.

Two new packages will be offered to Vietnamobile’s customers shortly. In order to further enhance the user experience with the brand, it has also introduced a mobile app that can help subscribers monitor and manage their account anytime, anywhere.

Vietnamobile last year announced it was investing $450 million in its 3G services with the aim of raising its market share to 15 per cent by 2020.

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