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Vietnamese solar project wins international award

Released at: 10:31, 28/06/2018

Vietnamese solar project wins international award

Photo: SolarBK

SolarBK's Solar Experience Space project picks up award in Intersolar 2018's "Outstanding Project Award" category.

by Hong Nhung

The IREX Energy JSC, a member of Vietnam’s SolarBK Holdings, last week attended Intersolar 2018, an international renewable energy exhibition. This is the fourth time IREX has presented “Made in Vietnam” renewable energy to the world as a “Tier 0” manufacturer. SolarBK’s Solar Experience Space (SES) project won an international award in Intersolar 2018’s “Outstanding Project Award” category.

Intersolar is one of the leading events promoting renewable energy and is held annually, with the presence of many prestigious companies from around the world. Intersolar 2018 had more than 900 world renewable energy suppliers, with over 1200 participants from 150 countries around the world.

The exhibition took place in Munich, Germany. Prior to that, IREX participated in the largest SPI (Solar Power International) exhibition in 2017 along with Intersolar for three years (2014, 2015 and 2016). It is the first Vietnamese renewable energy enterprise to reach the global market.

At the exhibition, IREX took “Made in Vietnam” solar cells and PV panels with the spirit of “Tier 0”. Intersolar 2018 is also an important milestone for IREX on its journey to its Tier 1 target in 2020.

Tier, a well-known ranking scale for trustworthy solar panel manufacturers, is issued and rated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) with three levels: Tier 1, 2, and 3. Tier 1 module manufacturers are those that have provided their own brand and own manufactured products to six different projects financed non-recourse by six different non-development banks in the past two years. These 1.5 MW+ deals must be tracked by a database, and the project location (sufficient to identify the project uniquely), capacity, developer, bank and module maker must be in the public domain.

Based upon this criterion, only 2 per cent of renewable energy firms have achieved Tier 1, yet those have had such enormous impact on almost the entire market. Up until the third quarter 2017, only 33 firms were rated Tier 1 by BNEF.

Unlike many firms in the world, IREX attends Intersolar 2018 as “Tier 0” - its own principle and one that has greatly contributed to helping IREX increase its sales to reputable partners.

Many customers misunderstand Tier 1 as a product quality warranty, while it only rates commercial aspects. In fact, quality is measured by international certifications such as TUV and UL, which BNEF itself clearly indicates in reports relating to the issue.

The principle of “Tier 0” is based on trust between people with the same mission and development goals. IREX is committed to meeting the product and service quality required by partners at a more competitive price than Tier 1 enterprises. In return, they have put their trust into IREX in the renewable energy community and expanded the circle of cooperation as much as possible. IREX has taken this principle seriously at Intersolar and gained credibility from international partners.

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