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Vietnam Medi Pharm Expo 2016 for Dec 1-3

Released at: 09:09, 08/11/2016

Vietnam Medi Pharm Expo 2016 for Dec 1-3

Photo: Vinexad

Hanoi Expo to feature 250 booths of 150 companies from 18 countries and territories.

by Huyen Thanh

The 23rd International Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Exhibition (Vietnam Medi Pharm Expo) will be organized from December 1 to 3 at the Cultural Palace, 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi, with the support of the Ministries of Health and Industry and Trade (MoIT) in coordination with the Vinexad Company (under MoIT).

The exhibition will feature 250 booths of 150 companies from 18 countries and territories around the world, such as the UK, the US, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

Vietnam Medi Pharm Expo has been organized annually in Ho Chi Minh City in August and in Hanoi in December and has been considered the most cost-effective exhibition for more than two decades.

South Korea will bring 25 well-known corporations and companies specializing in pharmaceutical processing, packaging, dentistry, ophthalmology, surgical tools, recovery equipment, and environmental equipment. Sewon Medix Inc. from South Korea, whose slogan is Human Happiness through Dental Health, is proud of its contributions to dentist transplants in South Korea. KJ MEDITECH CO., LTD from South Korea and companies from Pakistan will present modern technologies and hope to meet local partners for the further development of dentistry in Vietnam, which has been booming.

Canada, with VIVA PHARMACEUTICAL INC., has been famous for its products licensed by GMP Canada. Similar products will be introduced by other brands such as Dr. Muller Pharma S.r.o from the Czech Republic and Polvita, Baniphar, Minh Long Chau, and Tam Quoc te from Vietnam. The BMG International JSC will present DOCTOR 100 rollers, invented by Vietnamese doctors for treating bone, nerve and blood circulation ailments.

Medical equipment, surgical tools, ultrasound equipment, electrocardiogram equipment, and emergency equipment will be presented by giants from Germany, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, the UK and the US and be of particular interest for specialists, hospitals, and healthcare businesses. 

SKY SOFTGEL from South Korea, which specializes in manufacturing pharmaceutical products packaging and processing, have participated in the exhibition for many years, introducing advanced technologies to local medical manufacturing companies. 

Conferences, symposiums, free medical checks, product introductions, and blood donation drives are also part of the exhibition.

Medical equipment revenue in Vietnamese market is estimated at around $800 million annually and may reach $1.2 billion this year and $1.8 billion in 2018, with year-on-year growth to be around 18-20 per cent in the 2016-2020 period. Vietnam has been an attractive market for pharmaceutical and medical companies around the world. 

Demand is on the rise in the years ahead, particularly in picture diagnoses and surgery, recovery and testing equipment. Ninety per cent of the medical equipment currently available in Vietnam comes from Japan, Germany, the US, China and Singapore, which makes up 55 per cent of the cost of equipment imports. 

Ipsos Business Consulting views the medical equipment sector in Vietnam as promising, as life expectancy has been rising. Since Vietnam joined the WTO in 2007, more and more medical equipment companies have been arriving in the country, such as Terumo, Sonion and United Healthcare, who moved their manufacturing bases from other countries to Vietnam to take advantage of low-cost labor and government incentives.

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