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UPS introduces e-Fulfillment program

Released at: 14:13, 08/10/2019

UPS introduces e-Fulfillment program

Photo: UPS

Program to help merchants in Vietnam easily manage multiple marketplaces.

by Hong Nhung

Global logistics provider UPS recently announced the rollout of its e-Fulfillment program, offering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide streamlined fulfillment and shipping services to consumers in the US and Canada.

The solution supports purchases and orders from 21 different marketplaces and web stores, including eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and Amazon, including Prime. The new platform augments UPS’s suite of customized e-commerce solutions designed to support SMEs. Across markets in Asia, including Vietnam, UPS has already partnered with businesses looking to broaden their presence in different markets.

Smart businesses know marketplaces are the heart of e-commerce, but they can be cumbersome. Sellers must juggle multiple logins, the labor and logistics of packing, shipping and tracking sales, and managing inventory. Then comes updating all the marketplace listings, which can take hours.

“The US is Vietnam’s top export destination, and with 96 per cent of consumers in the US making online purchases from marketplaces, we want to help SMEs in Vietnam scale up and expand their reach,” said Mr. Russell Reed, Managing Director of UPS Thailand and Vietnam. “However, just 12 per cent of SMEs here sell on e-commerce platforms, with many citing barriers such as a lack of skills and confidence to navigate online selling.”

“That’s why UPS has launched e-Fulfillment for Vietnamese SMEs, to streamline the process of listing, storing, packing, shipping, and tracking their products across multiple marketplaces. In doing so, they can focus on growing their business and capturing a larger piece of the e-commerce pie.”

UPS e-Fulfillment can be used by merchants in Vietnam and around the world who want to list on US marketplaces and sell to customers in the US and in Canada. Their inventory for sale needs to be stored in warehouses located in the US.

Signing up is as easy as enrolling via a quick onboarding process and listing products. UPS, which is currently offering a risk free 60-day trial, handles storing the merchandise, packaging products once a sale is made, and shipping from warehouses strategically located in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, and Bloomington, California.

Inventory stored in other locations, such as an existing warehouse, can be added to the platform to ensure dynamic updates as sales occur, allowing for fulfillment efficiencies. Merchants select when the package needs to be delivered.

UPS began piloting the program in 2017 as a way to provide cutting-edge fulfillment and logistics options with access to multiple marketplaces. Pilot participant Tidal New York saw sales of its New York City-made flip flops more than triple during the pilot.

According to the UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study, online consumers want upfront visibility along their entire path to purchase, including product details, prices, fees, shipping costs and delivery times.

UPS’s e-Fulfillment service offers merchants the flexibility and speed needed to meet customer needs at good value. The pricing is bundled, giving sellers a clear picture of fulfillment costs. Tracking and billing are integrated, helping to reduce the time and effort it takes a business owner to keep up with the status and cost of shipments. Finally, sellers can quickly and dynamically update listings on multiple sites.

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