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TTC Sugar: Excellence in sugarcane production

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TTC Sugar: Excellence in sugarcane production

Photo from TTC Sugar

TTC Sugar focuses on Green - Clean - Efficient & Sustainable Development as its core direction.

by Thuy Lan

Growing from a base

Vietnam’s sugar industry and its sugar companies are under major pressure to continuously innovate to improve their competitiveness and cut the amount of sugar imported into the country.

In 1995, the Bourbon Tay Ninh Co. invested in a manufacturing line and technology to produce high-quality refined sugar products of European standard. In 2013, Bourbon Tay Ninh changed its name to the Thanh Thanh Cong Tay Ninh Joint Stock Company. On November 29, 2017, with an increase in charter capital and a merger with the Bien Hoa Sugar Joint Stock Company, Thanh Cong Tay Ninh changed its name to the Thanh Thanh Cong - Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company (TTC Sugar). The change aims to preserve and develop the Bien Hoa Sugar brand name, which has been in the market for 50 years, while raising the company’s competitiveness in the period following the merger.

TTC Sugar's Headquarters


TTC Sugar has focused on investment in technology and innovation in production lines to produce a wide range of products that are diverse, natural, and safe for consumption and meet the demand of customers, ranging from commercial and industry to consumers and from local sales to exports. Typical products include Pure Gold Mineral Sugar Bien Hoa Pure, Natural Gold Sugar Bien Hoa Gold, Refined Sugar Bien Hoa Pure, Rock Sugar Bien Hoa Pro, Premium Rock Sugar TSU Diamond, Organic Cane Sugar TSU Special Organic, Extra Refined Sugar Fortified Vitamin A - Bien Hoa Value, Sugar Syrup - Bien Hoa Syrup, and others that are being sold in most outlets around Vietnam.

TTC not only provides sugar products but also produces many kinds of by-products, such as molasses, electricity, bagasse, organic micro-organisms, press mud, alcohol, and Miaqua water - condensed from the process of sugar production and fully retaining the sweet flavor and refreshing qualities of sugarcane consumers are interested in.

During the establishment and development of the organization, TTC Sugar always works closely with farmers and focuses on setting up natural ecosystems, developing farm models, accumulating organic raw materials to develop organic fertilizer, applying eco-friendly methods that are safe for the environment, such as exterminating pests by using light traps, rearing fish in water reservoirs, planting flowers in cane fields, and increasing product value by following safety standards that benefit community health.

Looking Ahead

TTC Sugar has been implementing its 2016-2020 strategy, focusing its business and manufacturing activities on Green - Clean - Efficient & Sustainable Development as the core direction.

In the mid- and long-term development strategy, TTC Sugar emphasizes Market, Production and Agriculture. On the marketing front, it focuses on B2C marketing with distribution networks in Vietnam’s 63 cities and provinces, enhances its advantages in services for B2B customers, focuses on customers in the handicraft industry, optimizes production costs and logistics expenses, and develops information technology in systems management and customer care. On the production front, it plans to increase total designed extracting capacity to 51,100 TMN and to continue promoting efficiency of by-products such as commercial electricity to reduce costs. On the agriculture front, it will focus on continuing to expand the arable area, investing in sugarcane productivity so that by 2020 it reaches an average of 77 tons per hectare, with over 35 per cent of the invested sugarcane area being irrigated.

With a strong foundation, TTC Sugar is aiming to build up a new management model that meets international standards and strives to find positive solutions that close the gap between Vietnam’s sugar industry and other leading sugar producers in the world.

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