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Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule unveiled

Released at: 12:29, 07/12/2018

Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule unveiled

Photo: Trung Nguyen Legend Group

New coffee capsules launched at Trung Nguyen Legend Library in HCMC on December 6.

by Minh Do

Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule, in the three flavors of Meditation, Roman, and Ottoman, was launched at the Trung Nguyen Legend Library in Ho Chi Minh City on December 6.

This is the second set of energy coffee released, following the first last June, and is part of key events held by the Trung Nguyen Legend Group since introducing its new brand identity. The new varieties are also aimed at improving the value of Vietnamese coffee beans in international markets and building a global brand for Vietnam.

The new products represent the culture and history of the global coffee scene. Coffee experts at Trung Nguyen Legend selected material sources from Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, Jamaica and Vietnam, roasted under mysterious secrets of the East.

The group also explored and cooperated with partners over a period of three years to build its own coffee powder production line with technologies imported from Italy. The production line is fully automated, with a closed process from cleaning the coffee beans to the final product.

Trung Nguyen also decided to use environmentally-friendly bio-plastics for the shell of the capsule, which naturally decomposes. Different from most other types of capsules available worldwide, in which the shell is made from aluminum or plastics with a decomposition time of 150-200 + years and 500+ years, Trung Nguyen’s capsule is capable of decomposing in soil after 18 weeks.

The biodegradable plastic used in Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule also prevents 99 per cent of gas exchange between the inside and outside of the capsule (Oxygen Tight), retaining the taste of the roasted coffee when used. Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule is one of the first capsules in the world capable of maintaining independence and is completely environmentally friendly. With major features, the capsule can also be used in other coffee machines.

“The decision to invest seriously in the coffee capsule industry, from quality to cultural values and with a different spirit in each product, surprised me a little,” said Mr. Fabrizio Brambati, Chairman of Brambati S.p.A, the supplier of the production technology for Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule.

“The establishment of an alliance between the Trung Nguyen Legend Group and Terracaps aims to keep coffee in a shell made from environmentally friendly materials that ensure quality,” said Mr. Andreas Rössler, CEO of Terracaps, the BioCapsule provider.

Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule products are currently available in the chain of Trung Nguyen Legend and E-coffees around Vietnam. Products will be exported to the US, Russia, South Korea, Japan, and China. Trung Nguyen Legend will continue to introduce new flavors for the Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule next year and also new versions of the LegendEra machine to diversify products and meet all the needs of coffee connoisseurs.

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