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TopDev: IT recruitment demand surging

Released at: 15:50, 26/08/2019

TopDev: IT recruitment demand surging

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Employers in Vietnam are willing to pay a monthly salary of more than $1,300 for experienced developers, according to the latest report from TopDev.

by Nghi Do

According to the 2019 Vietnam Developer Report Q2/2019 from TopDev, IT recruitment demand is surging this year. The reasons include Vietnam drawing sufficient attention to bring in regional IT companies employing or building a product development team; the creative startup wave in the tech sector becoming stronger, especially after major investments in tech startups; and the transformation of traditional business in sectors like tourism, agriculture, and real estate, which are all shifting towards digital transformation and e-commerce.

Fifteen years ago, Vietnam’s IT industry was populated by many large outsourcing companies, but this has now changed to creating products and innovative services with greater value. The need for recruiting qualified personnel is therefore now a pressing need. According to data from TopDev on more than 250 customers, recruiters are eyeing senior programmers or those who have at least two years of experience.

A shortage of IT personnel is always the most difficult problem in the IT market. Though salaries and bonuses have been increasing remarkably in the industry, many experts predict that Vietnam will still be short of 70,000 to 90,000 developers per engineer this year.

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam has 235 universities, of which 153 are IT institutions. Some 50,000 IT students graduate each year, with 30 per cent finding jobs instantly and 70 per cent having to undergo additional training. High-quality IT human resources are becoming a point of focus for the education sector and also IT businesses, to meet job requirements.

As indicated in TopDev’s 2018 report, AI and machine learning remain the leading trends. About 25 per cent of programmers sought to gain knowledge of this technology in 2019. DevOps is also another trend that back-end engineers and system administrators are looking forward to.

2019 is an extremely important year for the developer community, with a DevOps empire and the application of agile models of up to 97 per cent being significantly formed in tech communities. DevOps is a working culture bringing the two stages of development and operations closer together, in a bid to shorten the product development life-cycle. DevOps requires engineers improve themselves with infrastructure construction, configuration, testing, and release skills. Over the next few years, DevOps will become an essential position that numerous companies will need to fill, especially those with large systems. The salary for this position can be up to VND450 million ($19,500) a year.

In the last three years, the term “data science” became no longer strange to Vietnam’s tech community. Major companies like FPT, VNG, and Vintech also have important positions for highly-skilled IT engineers. Nowadays, in Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, finance, real estate, healthcare, marketing, and other occupations have made numerous moves to evolve by using data effectively.

According to Intel, applying business intelligence, especially using AI and machine learning, is promising for the escalating development of data science. According to a recent report, big data is in growing demand, with Software AG, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, EMC, HP, and Dell spending more than $15 billion on companies with expertise in management and data analysis. Big data is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and is growing at 10 per cent each year - double the pace of the software industry in general. Salaries for data scientists in Vietnam can be up to VND470 million ($20,250) a year.

AI had reached a certain maturity in Vietnam. With a long period of development, recent projects from large and small companies in the country have demonstrated a readiness for a revolution in AI over subsequent years. With the development of platforms (OpenAI, OpenCV, TensorFlow, and Caffe), the algorithm problem is no longer too difficult, with the only major issue being whether there is enough data (either large, or quality) for AI to show effects. About 73 per cent of tech companies apply AI into their products, which pushes up demand for AI engineers to an alarming rate. The salary for a skilled AI engineer can be up to VND500 million ($21,550) a year, while an AI Engineer can now earn VND520 million ($22,400).

The project manager (PM) is the person who ensures the project is finished on time and that each person in a project team accomplishes their tasks. They need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual in order to properly assign tasks. It is they who turn the expectations of BA/PO into reality through working with other members. The PM sometimes takes over the responsibility of the BA/PO (traditional PM), and even System Architect + UX Designer are under a PM’s duties.

With a booming software industry in recent years, solution architect is an essential direction that programmers need to head towards. The solution architect draws a roadmap to build the software that meets functional and non-functional requirements. It also needs the coding prototype to demonstrate the feasibility of the solution, implements core processors, conducts complex processing, and makes available frames for the system for programmers to work from. In order to do this, it is essential a solution architect has a broad knowledge of several tech sectors. This is also a position that has been highly paid for many years.

From January 1 to July 25, TopDev collected surveys from 45,578 participating IT candidates, 1,151 participating IT recruiters, and 150,000+ pieces of jobs data for its report.

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