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Tetra Pak pioneering new generation of digital technologies

Released at: 20:25, 26/04/2017

Tetra Pak pioneering new generation of digital technologies

Photo: Tetra Pak

Packaging giant to introduce suite of new technologies to boost the efficiency of its customers.

by Hai Van

Tetra Pak is pioneering a new generation of digital technologies to boost efficiency for customers by transforming its services through the use of breakthrough digital technologies in Switzerland. The new services will focus on improving the ability to predict machine failures, accelerating response times, and giving the customer the faster possible access to Tetra Pak’s global expertise.

It will adopt Microsoft HoloLens to speed up issue resolution for food manufacturers, while Tetra Pak’s New Condition Monitoring Service slashes downtime and cuts costs for food and beverage manufacturers.

Mr. Ta Bao Long, Director of Communications at Tetra Pak Vietnam, said that Vietnam is now among the company’s ten largest markets in paper packaging, with approximately 7.5 billion units sold in the dairy and beverage sector last year.

“Although there is no exact timeframe for launching this technology in Vietnam, Vietnamese manufacturers will be among those who will have access to these applications early on,” Mr. Long said.

He also said that foreign enterprises in Vietnam are leaders in approaching new technologies to boost the quality and quantity of products. Tetra Pak is one, bringing new digital technologies to Vietnamese enterprises.

“After seeing the value of these services, food manufacturers will certainly be more confident in finding and applying more digital technology in their entire production chain,” Mr. Long believes.

Tetra Pak is revolutionizing its issues diagnosis and resolution service, using mixed reality to reduce machine downtime and productivity loss among customers, and protecting them against risks to food safety and quality. 

In addition, a new Condition Monitoring service will help food and beverage manufacturers predict machine failures before they occur. This cuts machine downtime and costs relating to maintenance or unexpected failures.

A true game changer based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, the Condition Monitoring service provides real-time analysis of operational performance data from more than 5,000 connected filling machine lines around the world.

This is then used to advise customers on their maintenance needs in a more timely and effective way than was previously possible, allowing them to order parts in advance, schedule manpower, and plan other repairs during the scheduled downtime.

“Digital technologies are revolutionizing every industry, and it’s exciting to make the latest innovations work for our customers,” said President and CEO of Tetra Pak Dennis Jönsson.

“We are pleased to be the first to launch digitalized services, offering customers reduced costs, enhanced efficiency, and peace of mind,” he added. “This is just the beginning of what promises to be a very exciting journey for us and our customers.”

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