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Talenta hosts first blockchain event in Vietnam

Released at: 11:09, 06/06/2018

Talenta hosts first blockchain event in Vietnam

Photo: Talenta

HCMC event featured notable players in blockchain-based technologies.

by Doanh Doanh

Talenta, a blockchain consulting firm established in 2017, kicked off the “MaxiBlockVietnam” event in Ho Chi Minh City last weekend, introducing phenomenal blockchain technology and various consensus algorithms used across popular decentralized applications, with a lineup of featured speakers presenting their revolutionary blockchain-based initiatives.

“MaxiBlockVietnam” marked Talenta’s first footprint in Vietnam and was a sequel to its successful predecessor, “MaxiBlockGlobal”, which was held at the opulent Shangri-La Singapore earlier this year. Amid a flurry of investigations surrounding a recent $660 million cryptocurrency scam, MaxiBlockVietnam received a pleasantly optimistic reception, paving the way for more blockchain meets in the near future.

The most notable speaker was Mr. Edward Du, CEO of MaxiMine, the cornerstone project that hosted MaxiBlockVietnam. Mr. Du has a strong technical background, having been Deputy Director of the Tsinghua German Innovation Center, and also holds an MBA from the prominent INSEAD business school. Opening the evening, he gave a short introduction to the blockchain-based MaxiMine project before moving on to talk about the multitude of solutions it offers as a decentralized cloud mining network and its place as a disruptive technology that can transform life, business, and the global economy.

Other blockchain projects featured during the evening included Usechain, the world’s first mirror-identity blockchain, and SAGE, a blockchain-based personal information and behavioral data bank. The evening closed with an address from Ms. Sharon Paul, Managing Director of Cipher Ventures, on the state of digital assets and the rise of Vietnam with its high trading volumes and a growing developer community.

Talenta identifies promising blockchain projects in its home country of Singapore as well as initiatives worldwide, offering them an international platform to showcase their ideas to the world.

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