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Social media influencing sales

Released at: 09:54, 10/09/2015

Social media influencing sales

Seminar hears of the role of social media in purchasing decisions.

by Son Ho

The “PR & Marketing in the Digital Age” seminar was held on September 8 in Hanoi, in which Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thanh, founder of the Elite PR School shared his views on current trends in public relations (PR) and marketing in Vietnam.

The first thing to note, he said, is that it has become strongly influenced by social media, and the second thing is that it must be based on people-to-people perceptions.

The purchasing habits of many Vietnamese customers these days rely on social media. In days gone by no one would go to the “otofun” group on Facebook to seek reviews of motor cars to decide which one to buy. This now happens with many types of products, where people search for answers on social media.

Information in this age is now being transferred in two ways. Customers can become a quality source of information on products and their opinions may be read by thousands of other people, who in turn will have their own view of the product.

Mr. Thanh believes that in other countries the media creates a social wave, but in Vietnam it is the other way around. Whenever a social wave appears, newspapers write about it. If that wave contains incorrect information about a company or product it is extremely rare to see the original source of the information issue an apology. “Most Vietnamese companies have no defense against social media, except for major players like Viettel or VNPT,” he said.

Most successful PR and marketing content at the moment has a people-to-people basis. Customers now not only purchase a product to satisfy their own demand but also want to contribute to society via social media, according to Mr. Thanh. There are many organizations that use social media to spread their social activities, such as “Toi xe dich” and “Hanoi Du”. As for companies, Toms has an effective program where whenever a customer buys a pair of shoes another pair is given to a child in a poor country.

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