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Samsung's LCD production may move to Vietnam

Released at: 09:07, 24/04/2015

Samsung's LCD production may move to Vietnam

Electronics giant mulls over move to either Vietnam or China to cut labor costs.

by Son Ho

Samsung Display is considering moving its plant to either Vietnam or China because labor costs in South Korea have become too high.

A decision on the need to move was made after Samsung Display divided LCD technology and OLED technology into two separate fields.

A Samsung representative confirmed that assembling LCD screens requires many unskilled workers and that the resultant high labor costs were why it is considering the possibility of relocating the plant. The main components will continue to be produced in South Korea due to the need for automated technology

Samsung Display had put a great deal of effort into using fully automated lines to assemble its LCD screens. But it had to give up on the plan due to difficulties in developing related equipment and the lower efficiency compared with production using manual labor.

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