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Saigon Premier Container Terminal posts high for second month

Released at: 08:09, 16/10/2018

Saigon Premier Container Terminal posts high for second month

Photo: DP World

HCMC port now focusing on CBU motor vehicle imports.

by Hong Nhung

DP World recently announced that automobile imports handled by its Saigon Premier Container Terminal (SPCT) reached record highs for the second consecutive month. Located at the Hiep Phuoc Industrial Zone in Ho Chi Minh City, the port posted a throughput of 6,047 completely built-up unit (CBU) motor vehicles in September, besting its previous high of 5,241 CBUs in August. 

“This milestone achievement speaks to the strength of Vietnam’s economy as well as its significant demand for motor vehicle imports,” said Mr. Andrew Hoad, CEO and Managing Director for DP World Asia Pacific. “SPCT’s recent strategic decision to focus on the CBU - rather than the container - sector aims to further support this by delivering long-term commitment and value to our car carrier customers and partners.”

Enabling Vietnam’s car import trade

Mr. Hoad noted that DP World, the shareholder partner of the State-owned Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Company (IPC) in SPCT, continuously strengthens the port’s capabilities through knowledge transfers from its other locations. Specifically, he cited the company’s market leadership position in the Philippines, where it handles over 200,000 CBUs per year, as a source of technical know-how and experience. Expertise on the roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) sector from its Philippine operations has since been transmitted locally, where SPCT has achieved a 48 per cent national market share. The port is the only terminal in southern Vietnam currently engaged in the importation of CBUs via RoRo.

He added that while the company does not rule out a return to container handling in the future, it is not part of SPTC’s current core offering. SPCT’s shift to RoRo shipping is in line with its focus on CBU customers, for which it offers a daily storage capacity of approximately 5,000 cars on a 23-ha site. 

“I don’t see that type of capacity open to CBUs in other parts of Ho Chi Minh City, so we should focus on that,” he said. “DP World is here to stay and this is a real contribution we can make to the economy as a trade enabler.”

Ensuring continued smooth operations

Mr. Hoad added that SPCT’s Hiep Phuoc location is well-suited to the CBU sector as it does not have the physical yard limitations that would hamper other locations. 

The next round of Soai Rap channel dredging, scheduled for February 2019, will also further ensure that SPCT can accommodate the continued growth in vessel sizes. The previous round in 2017 resulted in 1.73 million cu m of silt being dredged from the channel.  

DP World is present in seven countries and territories in the Asia-Pacific region. It has eleven business units, including container, car, breakbulk, and passenger terminals, as well as logistics and warehousing businesses.

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