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Restaurant platform Kamereo raises funds from Genesia and Velocity

Released at: 11:34, 07/01/2019

Restaurant platform Kamereo raises funds from Genesia and Velocity

Photo: Kamereo

Purchasing and sourcing platform for restaurants raises seed-round funding from two venture capital funds.

by Hong Nhung

Kamereo International Pte., a purchasing and sourcing platform for restaurants in Vietnam, announced on January 7 it successfully raised $500,000 from two venture capital funds from Japan and Vietnam - Genesia Ventures and Velocity Ventures Vietnam - as seed round financing in December.

Kamereo is the first B2B purchasing and sourcing platform for restaurants in Vietnam. Since it launched services last June it has secured more than 120 suppliers and around 200 restaurants have registered. Around 4,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) are available on the Kamereo platform now and more and more suppliers are joining the platform every day.

Mr. Taku Tanaka, CEO of Kamereo, started the company after finding during his time at Pizza 4P’s, which is one of the most famous restaurant chains in Vietnam, that sourcing and purchasing tasks in restaurants involve a lot of inefficiencies.

“We will develop more product features and strengthen our customer success team,” Mr. Tanaka said. “All purchasing and sourcing tasks in the restaurant business are done by people and we believe technology can help to reduce labor costs with transparency and accuracy.”

“There is currently no one-stop platform where restaurants and suppliers can connect, even though both are looking for each other. We aim to use technology to solve inefficiency in purchasing and sourcing, so that all restaurants can focus on their core business, which is to offer the best dining experience for customers. In the future, we are looking to expand our service to other regions and other industries as well.”

The platform now charges a monthly subscription fee of service (known as the SaaS model) from restaurants but will have some services charging suppliers in the future. It will launch a new design with more functions at end of this month for buyers and will release an app in April.

Mr. Tanaka began his career at Credit Suisse as an institutional equity research and sales analyst in 2012. He managed equity sales activity for Japanese and international investors for the Tokyo Stock Exchange. After leaving Credit Suisse, he traveled around ASEAN then joined Pizza 4P’s in 2015, and was appointed COO. After leaving Pizza 4P’s in December 2017, he founded Kamereo, to solve the sourcing problems and inefficiencies he found while working in the restaurant industry in Vietnam. 

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