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Renowned architects open Hanoi rep office

Released at: 07:44, 12/05/2015

Renowned architects open Hanoi rep office

Humphreys & Partners L.P (HPA), an architectural design company based in the US and Canada, has officially opened a representative office in Vietnam.

by Hang Ha

The new representative office of Humphreys & Partners L.P (HPA), Humphreys & Partner Architects (Vietnam), opened in mid-April at 1 Dao Duy Anh Street in Hanoi’s Dong Da district and will specialize in multi-family, mixed-use, hotel, resort, office, and commercial area design from the initial design to the technical work. “Vietnam is an emerging and potential market in the field of architectural design,” said Mr. Jonathan Delcambre, Vice President of HPA Urban Architects.

HPA has operated in Vietnam since 2013 but has only now opened a representative office, which is also its first in Southeast Asia.

The company has been designing five major projects in Hanoi and one in Da Nang. Mr. Delcambre emphasized the importance of the quality of its staff training program, which has become one of the key aspects of HPA’s strategy for accessing new markets. “We have been training our Vietnamese staff in Hanoi for more than two years so they can understand Western design concepts,” he said.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Thang, General Director of Humphreys & Partner Architects (Vietnam), added that architectural design should be based on a cultural background, with an attitude of “Think Global, Act Local”, by following Western standards but embracing local culture to succeed in Asia in general and Vietnam in particular.

In the near future Humphreys & Partner Architects (Vietnam) will continue to focus on improving staff knowledge and skills to flexibly apply advanced technologies in Vietnam. “The quality of Vietnam’s architects is quite good compared to elsewhere,” said Mr. Thang. “They are hard working, willing to learn new skills and know-how, and take responsibility. These are among the most important factors for us to develop a strong foothold in Vietnam so we may expand our operations into neighboring countries in the future.”

Established in 1991, Humphreys & Partners is the largest residential design firm in the US and Canada. It has 16 offices worldwide, including in America, Canada, South America, India, and the new office in Hanoi.

Since its establishment HPA has received several prestigious awards, including “The Best in America Living”, “Pillar of the Industry”, “Aurora and Grand Aurora”, “Builders’ Choice and Builders Choice Grand Award”, and “Platinum People’s Choice Award”, as well as numerous other local and regional awards. In 2014 HPA was involved in the design of more than 50 high-rise projects in the US, Canada, and Mexico, with five currently under construction.

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