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Regional research workshop underway

Released at: 08:16, 24/10/2018

Regional research workshop underway

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October 22 to 25 workshop in Hanoi funded by Newton Fund and delivered by British Council.

by My Van

The “Regional Researcher Links Workshops” program provides opportunities for early career researchers (ECRs) from the UK, Vietnam and other Southeast Asia countries to interact, share knowledge and research outcomes, and explore opportunities for building long-lasting research cooperation.

As part of the program, the “Advanced 5G Wireless Technologies for Smart Road-Traffic Control and Transportation Infrastructure Monitoring Systems” workshop, jointly organized by Middlesex University in London and the University of Transportation and Communications (UTC) in Vietnam, is being held at UTC in Cau Giay Road, Dong Da district in Hanoi from October 22 to 25, funded by the Newton Fund and delivered by the British Council.

Despite growing research surrounding 5G technologies, utilizing its potential (anytime, anywhere, low latency mobile data services) for public safety control and infrastructure monitoring in transportation remains an unfulfilled area. In Vietnam and the region, traffic jams, poor transportation conditions and the consequent air pollution are serious problems that have proven difficult to tackle.

The number of victims and the scale of damage from traffic accidents and disaster events in the region have been increasing every year (on average, each day in 2016 in Vietnam there were 35 accidents that killed 22 and injured 30 people). The lack of transportation control and monitoring systems is one of the main reasons.

The four-day workshop enables potential solutions using latest 5G communication technologies to be exchanged and shared among researchers in different disciplines from the UK and Southeast Asia. Such solutions can help densely-populated cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Bangkok, and Jakarta take measures such as dynamically adjusting conditions and predicting disaster events, aligning traffic with smart tracking systems, monitoring conditions in real time, initiating congestion measures, and instantly identifying defects and inefficiencies across assets and infrastructure.

These will lead to improving transportation conditions and reducing traffic accidents and casualties in Vietnam and the region. The solutions can also enable new policies to be made in accordance with the environmental impact.

With ten researchers from various universities in the UK (Middlesex University, University of Birmingham, University of Glasgow, Imperial College London, University of Northumbria, Queen Mary University of London, Ulster University, and University of Surrey), ten researchers from Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia), and more than ten researchers from Vietnam as well as representatives from governments, departmental units and industries, the workshop provides a unique opportunity for sharing research expertise and networking.

Those attending have the opportunity to present their research in the form of a short oral presentation and discuss it with established researchers from the UK, Vietnam and Southeast Asia. There will be a focus on building links for future collaboration and participants are selected on the basis of their research potential and ability to build longer term links. There will also be keynote lectures from established and well-respected researchers.

Topics include smart transportation management systems, machine to machine (M2M) logistics and freight RFID tracking, cloud-based freight data solutions, 5G networks for public safety/emergency services in transportation, connected vehicles for road safety, and monitoring/warning systems for possible structural disasters in infrastructure.

All provide a timely boost for new technology to be implemented in addressing transportation issues in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

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