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PYCO Group shares IT experience with newcomers

Released at: 07:50, 13/09/2016

PYCO Group shares IT experience with newcomers

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Mr. Pieter van Diermen, Stakeholder and President of the PYCO Group, spoke with VET about its BOT business model in the IT industry.

■ Recent years have seen the emergence and rise in popularity of build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects in the IT market, in which the PYCO Group has drawn up a long-term plan. Can you tell us what brought about this new, promising direction for the company?

Since 1999 we have been recognized as a state-of-the-art digital consulting and software development agency pairing with Fortune 500 companies globally. During our 17 years in Vietnam we have witnessed the local market grow a very promising IT talent pool that today provides qualitative and well-grounded software engineers. However, to seize highly-worthy job opportunities they still lack long-term direction in their career development and in particular a “product development” focus rather than the typical “outsourcing” mindset found in most Vietnamese IT service companies.

Based on our rich experience in web and software development, consulting, and talent acquisition, we decided to extend PYCO’s existing dedicated team services and propose a BOT engagement model to our clients seeking to set up their own product development operations in Asia/Vietnam. Under this model we set up a distinct legal entity with its own office space and infrastructure and hire dedicated technical and operational staff that we manage until the entity is eventually transferred to our clients after a designated operating period. We have been applying and improving this BOT model for over four years now thanks to our partnerships with key actors in different IT sectors and we are proud to have paved the way for companies such as Atlassian, Magnolia, Yellow Pepper Technologies and, most recently, ansarada to come and develop great software with our help in Vietnam.

What are the differences between the current BOT model and your initial business model?

The most significant differences are mainly operational and also relate to the talent selection process. Working under PYCO’s traditional digital agency business model, we have to constantly adapt to the fast-paced delivery cycles that web projects require. We also have to help our clients keep up with the latest technology trends without always having time to invest durably in those post delivery. This “digital agency” model requires our engineers to be both trained and self-taught, be motivated by technology diversity, manage their time and pressure well, and be flexible in order to adjust to the diverse last minute requirements of our clients. These traits and skills are great to acquire but can become quite demanding in the long run.

In contrast, our BOT model allows us to set the base from the beginning for a long-term investment both in terms of technology and people. It allows us to implement a fully agile development working model and collaborate closely with our clients on a daily basis. By integrating our team fully in their organization we help them bootstrap their new Vietnam-based operation and improve their production capacity almost immediately. It also allows us to search and select compatible talent for our clients. We screen their professional skills and practical experience but also their personality and creative mindset, so that they can fit perfectly with the technology stack, working culture, and values of our BOT clients.

■ For companies that are currently collaborating with the PYCO Group, what are your plans and strategies to help them expand their employee base in Vietnam?

BOT is not a “one fits all” model that can simply be “copy & pasted” for each new team. Instead, we have to go through a number of steps to tailor fit our engagement model and we need to collect and fully understand our customers’ needs and thoroughly analyze the Vietnam IT resource market in the long term before proposing an optimal growth plan for each company. Our overall approach is, however, quite straightforward: We aim to become a trusted partner sparing from the intricacies of the local corporate and talent landscape by leveraging our local experience to set up a skilled and innovative R&D workforce and offering in return local IT talent with attractive and well-defined long-term career opportunities. Guaranteeing to successfully bootstrap, scale and manage this additional development capacity in perfect understanding with the culture and long-term orientation of each particular client is our main KPI.

Mr. Pieter van Diermen

Stakeholder and President of PYCO Group.

A former attorney and consultant with an IT twist specializing in business and company law as well as corporate legal strategy, Pieter advised multiple international clients across a variety of industries, including several successful digital ventures, before joining PYCO.

He currently oversees PYCO’s APAC operations and specializes in legal and strategic partnership planning for the Group while managing multiple autonomous development teams in Southeast Asia.

Since 2010 Pieter has successfully set up and managed several BOT operations in Vietnam of up to 150+ staff for clients such as Atlassian, ansarada, Magnolia, and Yellow Pepper Technologies.

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