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Partnership marketing to bring SMEs more opportunities

Released at: 10:12, 16/08/2017

Partnership marketing to bring SMEs more opportunities

Photo: Khanh Chi (VET)

Partnership marketing an essential solution for SMEs to cooperate with each other for development, Maritime Bank workshop hears.

by Hong Nhung

Held by Maritime Bank in Ho Chi Minh City a few days ago, the “Partnership Marketing - Connections for Strong Growth” workshop offered comprehensive and efficient solutions that will address the concerns and difficulties faced by most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam.

In the context of a volatile and competitive market, many businesses have good products and services but are not popular among customers. For SMEs, limited capital, customer access, and extensive branding are real drawbacks. Therefore, in addition to initial support in capital, processes and products, enterprises really need useful solutions to help them expand their customer volume and grow their business.

The difficulties and challenges in market expansion were discussed by experienced speakers. “More than 40,000 Vietnamese enterprises dissolved in the first half of 2017 and this is a major challenge to the local business community,” Mr. Nguyen Dinh Toan, Senior Vice President - Marketing at Suntory Pepsico Vietnam, told the workshop.

“Partnership marketing”, a comprehensive and effective marketing solution, is not new, but for SMEs the opportunities to cooperate with large and prestigious partners remain limited. Understanding these difficulties, Mr. Huynh Buu Quang, CEO of Maritime Bank, introduced “JOY - Maritime Bank”, a financial and partnership marketing solution for Vietnamese enterprises that helps them find more partners and customers and develop sustainably.

Mr. Hoang Dao Hiep, Managing Director of Saatchi & Saatchi Vietnam, answered the question of why a strong brand has become so important. Firstly, customers are now ready to pay more for products with strong brands when they believe in these products.

Secondly, strong brands have longer and more sustainable competitive advantages. And lastly, companies with stronger brands often do business better. For example, “even for a giant company like Coca-Cola, one brand is not enough,” he told the workshop. “The company has diversified its brand into a range of smaller brands that target different ages and genders.”

With the goal of always accompanying enterprises, especially SMEs, Maritime Bank, the first Vietnamese bank, provides SMEs with the most comprehensive and practical support platform. With the program, the bank is not only initiating general solutions but also accompanying enterprises to strengthen their internal force, broaden their customer base, and build brands for long-term and sustainable development.

Through this program, the bank will offer superior financial solutions with competitive advantages in the market. Above all, enterprises will have access to over 1.5 million individual customers of the bank, presenting a golden opportunity to grow their business rapidly, and will be sponsored by the bank in brand and product promotions.

Launched for the first time, “JOY - Maritime Bank” will be an effective and practical solution for both corporate and individual customers to address difficulties. “Through this program, we will realize out commitment to sharing our strengths with customers about business management and financial potential as well as our broad customer base, in order for them to obtain more benefits and success,” said Mr. Quang.

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