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Panasonic launches comprehensive air solutions zone in Hanoi

Released at: 21:02, 06/09/2019

Panasonic launches comprehensive air solutions zone in Hanoi

Photos: Panasonic Vietnam

"Quality Air For Life" (QAFL) to showcase comprehensive air solutions at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam.

by Linh San

Panasonic has launched a demonstration zone called “Quality Air For Life” (QAFL) to showcase its comprehensive air solutions, at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam in Hanoi.

The new QAFL demonstration zone allows customers to experience Panasonic’s latest solutions and technologies in optimal air quality control through temperature and humidity control, air circulation, and air purification, designed for a variety of buildings such as boutique hotels, condominiums, and other living spaces.

The demonstration zone is also a venue for businesses and customers to experience state-of-the-art technologies and products in Panasonic’s comprehensive air solutions. By providing solutions through researching and developing product quality based on market needs, Panasonic aims to create “A Better Life, A Better World” for Vietnamese customers.

“We are leveraging Risupia as a communications hub where we can appeal to both end-consumers as well as commercial stakeholders in one location,” said Mr. Taniguchi Kei, Director of the Air Conditioners Division at Panasonic Sales Vietnam. “We hope visitors can make use of the QAFL zone as a learning venue and consider how they can improve their indoor air quality, especially at home or the office.”

As one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of consumer electronics and also a leading provider of world-class business (B2B) solutions, “Quality Air For Life” is one of Panasonic’s B2B solutions for the entire construction industry. It is a combination of advanced construction methods and synchronous technological and technical solution systems that help improve air quality indoors. Solutions are developed based on standards in comfort, health, safety, and security, with careful consideration given to local climates and cultures.

To achieve the goal of bringing excellent air quality to people around the world, Panasonic’s “Quality Air For Life” solution is made up of three key elements: (1) the ability to reduce the amount of polluted air indoors by exhausting air and/or supplying clean and fresh air that is filtered with a membrane through a ventilation system; (2) control of temperatures and humidity with Japanese quality air conditioning systems; and (3) ensure air quality in the room by eliminating dust, viruses, and odors via Panasonic’s advanced nanoeTM air purifying technology.

By offering optimized solutions for housing and commercial buildings, Panasonic aims to address pressing issues regarding indoor pollution in urban areas and the continuously growing demand for a healthy living environment among Vietnamese consumers.

“At Panasonic we recognize our social responsibility to contribute to society through our business, so we established Panasonic Risupia Vietnam,” said Mr. Kazuhiro Matsushita, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam. “Through this new demonstration area, we provide businesses and customers in Vietnam with advanced technologies that are easily accessible and help to improve people’s lives, such as providing comfortable, reliable and safe air.”

Panasonic will continuously expand the QAFL concept in the Vietnamese market by learning and obtaining feedback from the market, and will make local adaptations to better cater to Vietnamese customers.

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