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Omni-channel shoppers keen on promotions

Released at: 20:00, 20/03/2017

Omni-channel shoppers keen on promotions

Photo: Viet Tuan

Latest Nielsen reports reveals differences between shopper types when it comes to promotions and other factors.

by Ngoc Chi

The latest report from Nielsen, Omni Shopper Trends 2017, contained an interesting figure: 57 per cent of omni-channel shoppers want to make use of promotions for shopping.

The figure stands in contrast to traditional shoppers, where only 6 per cent want to make use of promotions.

The report also indicates differences in shopping habits between the two types. Among traditional shoppers, 30 per cent go shopping for daily needs, 24 per cent go for leisure, 19 per cent want to restock their pantry, and only 6 per cent go to make use of promotions.

On the other hand, up to 57 per cent of omni-channel shoppers shop because of promotions, around 45 per cent to purchase for daily needs and restock their pantry, and 35 per cent shop on special occasions.

According to Nielsen, Vietnam’s e-commerce market has been developing actively in recent years due to the changing behaviors of Vietnamese shoppers, the widespread adoption and increased ownership of smartphones, laptops and tablet devices, and the readiness of the market.

A new, connected shopper has emerged: the omni-channel shopper. They are avid consumers with enough income to make discretionary choices in their spending after purchasing the basic necessities and have access to the internet and all that comes with participating in the digital economy.

The report shows that 82 per cent of traditional shoppers regularly purchase product as planned while more than half of omni-channel shoppers will compare different brands (52 per cent) or will test the quality or reputation of the brands (63 per cent) before making a purchasing decision.

Mr. Roberto Butragueño, Associate Director of Retailer Services at Nielsen Vietnam, said that because omni-channel shoppers have access to the internet, they will actively search, go to websites, and read reviews to explore information about brands and products before making a purchasing decision.

“Stores aren’t going to disappear any time soon, but they will undergo a dramatic transformation as e-commerce grows and shopper expectations change,” he said. “Retailers need to consider what role physical stores will play in their omni-channel strategy and how they can use them to strengthen their offerings and deliver value on each trip.”

Promotions may not be the only factor helping a brand stand out as shoppers seem to be overwhelmed by promotions being offered by different brands. This, however, is not the case with omni-shopping channels.

“To keep shoppers coming back, brands and retailers must exceed their expectations and convincingly demonstrate that value for money, which is a combination of low prices and other attributes, is truly justified,” said Mr. Butragueño.

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