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Nielsen: Vietnamese love convenient cleanliness

Released at: 11:31, 15/04/2016

Nielsen: Vietnamese love convenient cleanliness

Latest report from market researchers finds that convenient packaging attracts many buyers of household cleaning products.

by Thu Hoang

It should come as no surprise that efficiency and value top the list of most important attributes in a home cleaning product, according to a report from market researchers Nielsen released on April 14.

Nearly nine out of every ten Vietnamese (87 per cent) it surveyed said that good price/value and performance (it cleans well - 85 per cent) are very important.

Connected with efficacy are previous experience and trust.

About four-fifths (81 per cent) of Vietnamese also say a trusted brand name is very important, while nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) say that previous experience is one of the most important attributes they look for when selecting household cleaning products.

The report also indicates that Vietnamese pay attention to eco-friendly products. Seven out of ten respondents (70 per cent) said that organic/all-natural ingredients are very important and more than six in ten (62 per cent) said they prefer products with environmentally-friendly/sustainable packaging.

Convenience attributes should not be overlooked. About three in five respondents (61 per cent) said that convenient product packaging that is easy to use or store and a packaging size that fits family needs (58 per cent) are key traits when choosing household cleaning products.

“Urbanization largely means smaller storage spaces, and as a result the availability of a range of pack sizes, concentrates, and multi-use/multi-function products is key,” said Mr. Regan Leggett, Nielsen’s Executive Director for Thought Leadership and Foresight, Southeast Asia, North Asia and Pacific.

Modern retail channels are the preferred choice for purchasing cleaning products, even in Vietnam where traditional trade still reigns for everyday shopping.

Seventy-four per cent of respondents purchased household cleaning products from a large retail chain (such as a mass merchandiser or hypermarket) in the last 12 months (compared to 75 per cent regionally) while more than half of respondents (58 per cent) purchased cleaning products from a small local, family-owned shop in the last year.

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