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Nielsen: 91% of Vietnam respondents have subscription TV

Released at: 17:04, 23/03/2016

Nielsen: 91% of Vietnam respondents have subscription TV

Global Video-on-Demand survey conducted to gauge worldwide sentiment about VOD viewing and advertising.

by Thu Hoang

When it comes to watching video entertainment, viewers in Vietnam in particular as well as in Southeast Asia in general are increasingly watching broadcast or video-on-demand (VOD) programming on connected devices in addition to traditional TV viewing, according to latest report from Nielsen.

Ninety-one per cent of respondents in Vietnam have a subscription TV service and 13 per cent subscribe to an online service provider.

Paid services used to watch broadcast and/or VOD programming in Vietnam and Southeast Asia

Source: Nielsen

Within Southeast Asia, consumers in Vietnam have the highest claim of watching any type of VOD programming on TV, computer, and mobile devices (91 per cent), with close to 67 per cent saying they watch VOD content at least once a day.

In regard to devices used to watch VOD content, 81 per cent use computers, 79 per cent use mobile phones, 61 per cent use smart TVs, and 53 per cent use tablets.  

When it comes to popular program genres, comedies (54 per cent), news shows (48 per cent), reality shows (45 per cent), and dramas (44 per cent) rank highest among Vietnamese respondents.

Sixty-two per cent of Vietnamese respondents would prefer to only see ads for products that interest them, while 67 per cent of those who watch VOD say online ads displayed before, during, or after VOD programming are distracting and 63 per cent wish they could block all ads.

Conversely, 53 per cent respondents in Vietnam who watch VOD somewhat or strongly agree that ads in VOD content give them good ideas for new products to try and 54 per cent said they don’t mind getting advertising if they can view free content.

“The growth of VOD programming options, where viewers can download or stream content from either a traditional TV package or an online source, is giving consumers greater control over what, when, and how they watch than ever before,” said Mr. Craig Johnson, Managing Director, Marketing Effectiveness and Reach Portfolio, at Nielsen Southeast Asia, North Asia and Pacific. “What’s really interesting is that we’re seeing viewers expand their repertoire of viewing platforms and also the amount of media they’re consuming. Online and traditional services are in fact complementary rather than mutually exclusive.”

The Nielsen Global Video-on-Demand Survey polled over 30,000 online respondents in 61 countries to gauge worldwide sentiment about VOD viewing and advertising methods.

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