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New Truc Bach Beer identity

Released at: 14:27, 03/08/2018

New Truc Bach Beer identity

Photo: Habeco

Habeco will launch its new identity for Truc Bach Beer brand.

by Minh Do

Hanoi Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Joint Stock Corporation (Habeco) will launch a new identity for Truc Bach Beer as part of its brand strategy to renew the image of its products.

The announcement was released on July 31 at a press conference that was organized to introduce a series of events that celebrate its 60th anniversary.

“The new identity is in line with our brand development strategy. Our targeted customers are young people who are dynamic and creative, so we have to constantly renew our products,” said Mr. Bui Truong Thang, Habeco’s Deputy CEO. “This year, based on the company’s current production status and demand for consumption, we decided to change the identity for Truc Bach Beer to make it more modern and premium to meet the demands of local consumers.”

Inspired by Paramount Beer, the new signature of Truc Bach Beer focuses on the trademark, taking the stylized image of barley flowers, which the product crystallizes from the best raw materials in the world.

Regarding the trademark, the product name Truc Bach is located along the length of the can so that it stands out. Wavy lines shaping the cup along the can enhance the sophistication and elegance of the product.

This is the second time Habeco has decided to change the identity of Truc Bach Beer since the first change in 2014.

Habeco’s most popular brand is Hanoi Beer which targets middle-income earners. Truc Bach Beer is a high-end product line.

The new look will officially be launched on August 9 in Hanoi when the company celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Habeco’s predecessor was the French-built Hommel Brewery which opened in 1890. In 1958, the brewery was restored and the first bottle with the brand name Truc Bach was produced on August 15, marking a turning point in the brewing industry of Vietnam.

It now has become the third-largest beer producer in Vietnam after Sabeco and Heineken.

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