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New technology solution facilitates HR development

Released at: 19:41, 10/04/2018 BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT

New technology solution facilitates HR development

Photo: Huong Viet Group

Cloud-based learning management system CLS - Cloud Learning System developed by the Huong Viet Group and offers internal and online training solutions.

by Thu Linh

Improving the quality of human resources is seen one of the most important factors in helping Vietnam seize new opportunities in light of new free trade agreements (FTAs) like the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

With a population of about 94 million, including 54.61 million, or 59.5 per cent, who are older than 15, Vietnam is still experiencing a “golden population structure” with an abundant and stable labor supply, according to Ms. Le Kim Dung, Director of the Employment Department at the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA).

“The quality of human resources in Vietnam, however, is still quite poor,” she added. “The proportion of trained workers is still low and workers’ skills do not meet the needs of businesses and the market, especially in the context of international integration.”

According to insiders, new FTAs like the CPTPP will create an open but competitive business environment. The competition in the labor market is forecast to be fiercer and Vietnamese workers are largely unprepared. Improving the quality of human resources in Vietnam is therefore becoming an increasingly urgent task.

An expert from the International Labor Organization (ILO) told the “A New Solution for Human Resources Development in Light of the CPTPP” conference, on April 5, that gains from the agreement will be concentrated in a few industries, such as textiles, clothing, footwear, food, beverages and tobacco, chemicals, transport equipment, and plastic parts.

The CPTPP will also help to increase foreign direct investment (FDI), expand service sectors, and boost productivity. It will bring greater benefits to higher-skilled workers in the top 60 per cent in terms of income distribution. Technology, however, not the CPTPP, will be the game changer.

Applying Cloud Technology in Human Resources Training

Given the increasing wave of new technologies, the application of technology in internal training promises to be more effective.

Among others, online training (e-learning) based on cloud computing technology is not only a major solution in education but also effectively resolves enterprises’ problems in human resources.

The solution is used by many firms in developed countries around the world such as the US, Europe, and Japan to improve the quality of human resources by establishing a platform for internal training.

However, due to differences in cultures, habits, and the level of awareness among students, each e-learning solution is only suitable for deploying in specific areas. Such systems also cost up to several million dollars, in addition to customs fees and costs for regular maintenance and upgrades.

Technology solutions for online training in Vietnam are still in the early days of development, with only a small number of providers.

The cloud-based learning management system CLS - Cloud Learning System, researched, developed and implemented by the Huong Viet Group, which has a decade of experience in education technology, is the only solution offering internal and online training solutions.

With a price 10 per cent less than foreign technology solutions, CLS is expected to be a strong driver of online education in Vietnam.

Moreover, it’s suitable for all types of enterprises, from large to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and micro-enterprises. Foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) can also take advantage of the inland infrastructure CLS possesses, which is of the same quality as foreign software.

In the context of globalization and international integration, improving human resources quality has been a key factor for businesses in enhancing their competitiveness, according to Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhan, Director of CLS - Cloud Learning System Project.

Vietnam now has more than 500,000 businesses. Ninety per cent, however, do not have their own internal training system. There are also no professional units in the sector. “Therefore, CLS offers a modern internal training system equivalent to those in developed countries,” Ms. Nhan said, adding that FDI companies could immediately use the CLS system for VND10,000 to VND20,000 ($0.45 to $0.90) per user per month, depending on deployment scale and with no additional costs.

The solution is calculated to help enterprises save 75 per cent of training costs, 95 per cent of the time needed for organizing classes, and 100 per cent of travelling and accommodation costs for both students and trainers. Enterprises can increase their operational effectiveness by 2.5-fold and staff productivity by three-fold without any halt to operations.

“With CLS, it is easy for businesses to conduct training activities regularly and continuously to standardize their staff’s skills,” Ms. Nhan explained. “It also helps improve productivity and competitiveness, reduces costs, and increases revenue and profit. Using CLS is a long-term investment for sustainable development.”

With outstanding features in management, storage and distribution of training courses to each student and group, CLS supports people every time, everywhere. It also helps businesses implement check-ups and monitor the progress of each staff member. Other functions, such as conducting web meetings, organizing tests, and compiling reports, are also integrated into the system.

The CLS system has been implemented in nearly 500 businesses nationwide in different sectors, from production and distribution to retail, services, and education.

On April 21, the CLS - Cloud Learning System platform will receive a Sao Khue Award 2018. Winning products are selected as typical of the software industry and IT services in Vietnam’s education and training fields.

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