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Navigos Group invests in Kyna.vn and KynaBiz.vn

Released at: 08:39, 26/12/2019

Navigos Group invests in Kyna.vn and KynaBiz.vn

Photo: Kyna.vn

HR services provider makes strategic investment in Dream Viet Education subsidiaries.

by Ngoc Lan

Human resources (HR) service provider the Navigos Group has officially announced a successful strategic investment in Kyna.vn - an online learning platform for adults, and KynaBiz.vn - one-stop e-learning solutions for business, both of which are subsidiaries powered by Dream Viet Education.

Dream Viet Education will transfer the authorization to continue developing and operating the Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn platforms to the Navigos Group. After merging with the Navigos Group, Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn will develop under Navigos’s business strategy, while Dream Viet Education will provide advisory support during the transfer. This is the Navigos Group’s first strategic investment since it became a member of the en group, which specializes in recruiting services and is headquartered in Tokyo.

Mr. Gaku Echizenya, CEO of the Navigos Group, said this is a commitment to support Vietnam’s workforce to improve their knowledge and skills to become more professional. “At Navigos, we believe that for each person’s career to continuously reach new heights, they will have to constantly go through the stages of Evaluation - Employment - Education,” he said. “This is the ‘3E’ development strategy to achieve our long-term vision of ‘Success After Joining’ at the Navigos Group. For Navigos, in particular, the investment in the education business is to fulfill the goal of becoming the first and only HR-centric ecosystem in Vietnam. With a team of experienced staff in the field of personnel and owning the largest job seeker database in Vietnam, we are confident of developing Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn’s service segment, aiming to help people achieve dreams of success in their career and thereby contributing more value to businesses and Vietnamese society.”

Ms. Tram Ho, CEO of Dream Viet Education, said Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn were established with the mission of bringing access to essential knowledge to everyone. “We are impressed by the similar development vision of the Navigos Group and their extensive experience in the human resources field, so through this, we see the potential for the faster development of Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn,” she said. “We strongly believe that with strategic investment and support from the Navigos Group, Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn will become leading online learning platforms for professionals and corporates. Besides accompanying and supporting Navigos to help Kyna.vn and Kynabiz.vn, we will focus on developing our key product - Kynaforkids.vn - to develop a leading online school for children. Together, we will become a comprehensive e-learning ecosystem empowering millions of Vietnamese citizens.”

Kyna.vn is an online skills training platform for white-collar workers in Vietnam, with more than 25,000 video lectures, more than 600 courses on diverse topics, more than 200 experts, and prestigious training organizations domestically and internationally. Kynabiz.vn is an online training solution for business that is trusted by many customers in the top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam.

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