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Navigos Group announces new corporate identity

Released at: 11:19, 02/10/2019

Navigos Group announces new corporate identity

Photo source: navigosgroup.com

Human resources services provider changes brand identity, aiming to develop a human-centric ecosystem.

by Khanh Chi

The Navigos Group, a leading human resources (HR) services provider in Vietnam, officially announced on October 1 the launch of its new corporate brand identity, including an aspiration for change, with the ambition of developing a human-centric ecosystem.

As the Navigos Group became part of en-Japan in 2013, it inherited the product development strategy of its parent company - the 3E-Method associated with the career development cycle of each employee. Accordingly, to advance a career to a higher level, each employee constantly experiences the iterative cycle with stages: Evaluation of current competence (Evaluation); Recruitment process (Employment); and Training for development (Education).

With this product development orientation, the Navigos Group has continuously launched new products outside the field of “Recruitment” for the past five years, such as IQ & EQ Capacity Assessment - 3E-IPTest; and the E-learning function of VietnamWorks.

“The Navigos Group has also adopted the long-term vision of the parent company as Success after joining,” said Mr. Gaku Echizenya, CEO of the Navigos Group. “This vision defines that the success of both business and employee must be based on each person’s continuous and sustainable development. Only when the labor force is growing can businesses achieve sustainable development.”

“Therefore, for each person’s career to progressively reach new heights, they need to undergo the cycle of Evaluation - Employment - Education. Hence, it can be said that the applying of the 3E-method has been transforming us into a complete ecosystem and is associated with each person’s career development cycle. The launch of new products has redefined Navigos Group from a company specializing in recruitment to now aiming to become a comprehensive career development ecosystem.”

With the ambition of becoming a human-centric ecosystem along with Navigos Group’s mission of “Helping people and companies achieve their dreams”, from the early days of establishment the Navigos Group’s essence has always been expressed as: constantly exploring new potential (including human and technological potential) to bring successes to clients and jobseekers, thereby helping everyone to unleash their next achievement, which is also every Navigos Group’s employee shared mission.

“The ‘Unleash the Next’ statement establishes our business development strategy and also demonstrates the connection in the mindset and operating philosophy of every employee at Navigos Group for the past 17 years,” Mr. Echizenya added. “This change in corporate identity has helped us position the essence of the business while shaping the overall character of both the organization and each employee. Therefore, we use ‘Unleash the Next’ as our official tagline associated with the Navigos Group brand.”

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