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Medicine tracking app launched

Released at: 15:02, 15/05/2015

Medicine tracking app launched

App introduced at Medi-Pharm Expo in Hanoi allows customers to check product authenticity and manufacturers to track sales and use.

by Minh Tuyet

Trust Code, a medicine product tracking app for smartphones, was introduced today in Vietnam at the Protecting Medicine Brand Names Conference held as part of the Medi-Pharm Expo in Ho Chi Minh City and hosted by the Ministry of Health.

“Trust Code includes measures to protect medicine products from being counterfeited and can help with marketing,” said Mr. Michael Ritschewald, Area Sales Manager Branch Enhancement in Asia of Kurz, an international supplier of hot stamping technology, which created the app.

Once the app is installed, the barcode or code number of a product can be entered to instantly identify whether it is genuine or counterfeit. Customers can also receive guidance on how to use the product. “The app not only supports products in Vietnam but has also been developed in Europe, with barcodes becoming compulsory after 2018 for any products exported to Europe,” he said.

“Medicine producers and distributors will be able to control their products better,” he explained. By using the app, medicine providers can track their products, collecting information such as which products are used the most, who its customers are, and which regions consume the products the most. The app, he added, will be improved as customers provide feedback.

Vietnamese medicine providers expressed excitement about the new app as well as other technical solutions from Kurz to protect medicine products from counterfeits. They were disappointed, however, that its price was not revealed.

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