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Mavenir sees potential in 5G technology

Released at: 07:46, 21/09/2019

Mavenir sees potential in 5G technology

Photo: Linh San

Industry's only end-to-end cloud-native network software provider introduces opportunities for ASEAN countries with cloud-centric infrastructure across 5G solutions.

by Linh San

Mavenir, the industry’s only end-to-end cloud-native network software provider, has introduced opportunities for ASEAN countries with its cloud-centric infrastructure across its 5G solutions, aimed at redefining the mobile network economics for Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

As the industry’s only end to end 100 per cent software vendor, Mavenir is uniquely positioned to present a new network economic to their operators and service providers in ASEAN. Operators have to date been challenged by the fact that they have to buy via an appliance model, with specific pieces of proprietary hardware and software.

The main technology enabling the change is known as network functions virtualization infrastructure, where the cloud datacenter can deploy the software nodes on top. The cost per gigabits is decreased significantly, offering operators the necessary cost savings for the move to 5G.

“In the last five or ten years we have seen strong migration from rural-to-urban because cities have much better infrastructure, education, and more jobs - all the good things for a good life,” said Mr. Sam Saba, VP and Head of APAC at Mavenir. “So, what we want to do is make sure that we give the same opportunities to people who live in rural areas as those who live in major cities. We started to do that with 4G LTE, providing many more benefits by being connected on mobile. Many people in rural areas may have bank accounts, but it can be costly and more expensive. Now with 5G, we see that we are able to build mobile networks to run more applications, not just Facebook, proving how helpful 5G technology can be in terms of different services. We see this has such huge potential, huge benefit, not just due to the technology itself but because of the benefits it offers in terms of improving people’s lives especially of those living in rural areas across ASEAN countries.”

From a 5G rollout perspective, Mavenir has its own virtualized radio solution, vRAN. Mavenir is part of the open RAN/X-RAN initiative and this is connected closely to the Facebook telecom infrastructure project.

According to Mr. John Baker, SVP, Business Development at Mavenir, the company conducted a study to identify a business case that works for 5G, and this proposes using 5G hotspots with no full region wide coverage. Mavenir believes that 5G needs to stand up by itself and be financially accountable from the start.

Mavenir has 2,498 staff in six continents and 190 staff and R&D centers in Asia-Pacific.

“We absolutely want to do business in Vietnam,” Mr. Saba told VET. “We have an office in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We are interested in the Vietnam market and we will work with significant groups in the country. I personally see a lot of potential in Vietnam for both IT and 5G markets. I hope that we can have a presence there soon.”

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