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Local brands spending more on digital

Released at: 10:06, 17/09/2019

Local brands spending more on digital

Photo: Phi Linh

National Advertiser Day 2019 held by Mobile Marketing Association Vietnam on September 12 in Hanoi.

by Phi Linh

Shifting to a digital budget is inevitable and stems from changes in consumer behavior, local brands told the National Advertiser Day 2019 held by the Mobile Marketing Association Vietnam on September 12 in Hanoi.

The change to digital channels will help a company’s growth. Normally, the view of digital marketing is it’s only a channel but it is important to identify the marketing strategy and brand. When communicating towards digital, businesses also need to change their strategy towards digital. With that change, the digital communication channels that help the best growth company reach customers quickly need to be changed by the brands, Mr. Tung Le, Marketing Director of Sunhouse, said at the event.

In recent years, Sunhouse’s marketing strategy has also changed from a business and marketing structure. Digital channels have helped the company capture customer data faster, understand consumers more deeply, and helped it research and develop products faster, more accurately, and more effectively, and even shown how to increase customer interaction throughout the long journey.

As the company uses a distribution channel network, there are many intermediaries, so using a digital platform for quality management helps it quickly capture customer feedback. Digital communication channels have the fastest data and use appropriate marketing channels to be effective.

Digital is not only a communications channel but also a cross-platform that contributes to the direction of a profitable, long-term business path and affects all related structures and departments, according to Mr. Nguyen Phu Cuong, Associate Marketing Director at Biti’s Vietnam & Asia.

For instance, the greatest strength of digital is everything happening at the same time. As Biti’s is a retailer, customers know the company’s products from Facebook and other digital platforms.

“How do I know whether a customer is on social networks and the offline store or not?” asked Mr. Cuong. “Digital is the place to connect online and offline to clearly identify customers. Based on that, the company has accurate customer data about who they are and how they need, to connect with the company’s communication strategy, advertising campaigns, store locations, and different warehouse locations and even connect added value to customers in the future.”

Mr. Huynh Lam Ho, CEO of Haravan, said brands move to digital because they look for changes in consumer behavior at each stage. Facebook and YouTube are powerful channels, and this is why brands are ready to change to digital platforms.

From another perspective, Mr. Viet Tran, Head of Marcom at VP Bank, said the emergence of digital is a power shift, with previously the power being with the seller, but now the power is with the buyer, from different platforms. Banks may suffer losses, users may lose, but Google and Facebook always win. The digital war is essentially a seller-buyer battle.

Speakers also discussed two concepts - performance marketing and branding and measuring the effectiveness of digital advertising and brand safety.

The National Advertiser Day is a venue for domestic brands to remain updated on the latest consumer markets on the internet and helps give them suitable marketing directions.

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