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Japanese enterprises pay regular salary increases

Released at: 14:26, 17/05/2018

Japanese enterprises pay regular salary increases

Photo: Duc Anh

Navigos releases "Recruitment and Corporate Culture at Japanese Enterprises" report on May 16.

by Hai Van

The salaries and bonuses paid at Japanese enterprises in Vietnam are regular and stable, according to the latest report from Navigos entitled “Recruitment and Corporate Culture at Japanese Enterprises”, released on May 16.

Annual salary increases are common at Japanese enterprises, with 86 per cent of recruiters revealing their enterprise does so. But few Japanese enterprises offer high increases, with just 2 per cent providing 20 per cent and 23 per cent providing 15 per cent. The most common increase is 5 to 10 per cent annually, which 62 per cent provide.

Paying a Tet bonus of one month’s salary is also common at Japanese enterprises, with 55 per cent of recruiters saying that their enterprises did so. Seventeen per cent, meanwhile, said two month’s salary is paid, and 4 per cent said three month’s salary is paid.

The workplace environment offered by Japanese enterprises is the most attractive factor for Vietnamese candidates. Recruiters also said that “good salary and benefits” as well as “stable careers” are also attractive factors for Vietnamese candidates.

Candidates proficient in the Japanese language have more communication advantages, according to the report. The Japanese language is not the main language used at Japanese enterprises, however, as only 20 per cent of recruiters said this was the case. Rather, English and Vietnamese are more widely used.

Fifty-five per cent of candidates said that their Japanese colleagues prefer to speak to Vietnamese proficient in Japanese, while 30 per cent of candidates said that these employees are appreciated more highly. From the recruiters’ point of view, “these is no priority for Vietnamese candidates with Japanese-language proficiency”. Having Japanese-language proficiency only helps them “communicate more easily”. This opinion is held by 70 per cent of Vietnamese recruiters and 50 per cent of Japanese recruiters.

Information provided in the report was based on job seekers and candidates registered with VietnamWorks and Navigos Search.

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