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J.D. Power: Auto buyers expect better sales process

Released at: 08:31, 02/03/2019

J.D. Power: Auto buyers expect better sales process

Photo: J.D. Power

Hyundai and Toyota rank highest in new-vehicle sales satisfaction, recent J.D. Power study finds.

by Khanh Chi

Reducing the time taken to complete the various sales processes for purchasing a new vehicle, for example by using technology devices and improving the manner in which features are explained and demonstrated, is crucial to achieving an enhanced customer experience, according to the J.D. Power 2018 Vietnam Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study released recently.

The study found that the timeliness ò competing the final delivery and paperwork for the vehicle are the aspects of the sales process in which new car owners in Vietnam feel least satisfied. The delivery process takes 50 minutes on average, but customer satisfaction is highest (841 points on a 1,000-point scale) if the delivery process could be completed within 30 minutes compared to 824 points when more than 30 minutes is taken.

“Customers are sensitive about the time they spend in the showroom during the delivery process,” said Mr. Siros Satrabhaya, Regional Director, Automotive Practice, at J.D. Power. “Dealer staff need to ensure that they spend their time with customers efficiently and in a way that brings the most value to the customer, for example by explaining how to use vehicle features and reviewing sales paperwork.”

“Using tablet devices to demonstrate features during the delivery process, in addition to providing follow-up explanations of features after delivery, could help to reduce the duration of the process on the day of delivery and ensure an improved customer experience.”

The study found that customers who receive follow-up explanations of features at the dealership or over the phone (842 points and 832 points, respectively) are more satisfied than those who do not (753 points). Similarly, customers who experience demonstrations of a vehicle’s features via technology devices at delivery are more satisfied than those who do not experience the same (839 vs. 793 points, respectively).

It also found that test drives are sought after, with satisfaction among customers offered a test drive being higher than those not offered one. More customers in 2018 were offered a test drive compared to the previous year and more actually took the vehicle for a test drive compared to 2017.

Customers who financed the purchase of their vehicles were less satisfied across all attributes compared with customers who paid cash. The greatest differences in satisfaction occur in relation to the ease of coming to an agreement on the final price, the transparency of the paperwork / finance process, and the timeliness of completing the final paperwork process.

In addition, new vehicle owners must wait eleven days on average to have their car delivered from the showroom. Those who receive their car within three days after purchase are more satisfied compared to those who must wait for more than seven days.

Among the eight brands ranked in the study, Hyundai and Toyota ranked highest, both with 838 points. Hyundai performed particularly well on dealership website, dealership facility and working out the deal, whereas Toyota performed well on sales consultants, paperwork completion, and the delivery process.

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