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Intel seeks Vietnamese partnerships

Released at: 14:42, 31/03/2015

Intel seeks Vietnamese partnerships

Intel is looking to develop operations and facilities in Vietnam.

by Linh Nhi

Intel is expected to cooperate with Vietnamese enterprises to develop its program known as Internet of Things (IoT), which has a wide variety of applications including helping to create connected "smart cities" and allowing for greater integration between a wide range of devices. The General Director of Intel World Ahead met the Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong, to discuss the possibility at an official meeting yesterday.

The Deputy Minister encouraged Intel to cooperate with the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) to develop the industry in Vietnam by developing further manufacturing lines. In doing so, he said that Intel could save investment capital and time. Moreover, cooperation between Intel and MIC in popularizing computers and the Internet in rural and remote areas is expected to continue in the coming years.

Since 2014, Intel and MIC have enhanced IT applications in many fields of life such as learning foreign languages, developing software and hardware and supplying telecommunication services to Vietnam. They also have supplied applications for Vietnamese enterprises, solutions for previously unwieldy databases and helped the government with various electronic needs.

Last year saw significant collaboration between Intel and MIC. Around 80 per cent of Intel's Haswell CPU chips made for export are produced in Vietnam. Many other operations have also been moved to the country.

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