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INSO Insurance Technology app launched

Released at: 14:21, 20/12/2018

INSO Insurance Technology app launched

Photo: INSO

App makes taking out insurance and making claims much more straightforward.

by Ngoc Lan

INSO Vietnam officially launched the INSO Insurance Technology app on December 19, which allows users to purchase insurance packages and make claims anytime, anywhere without completing complex procedures.

The app aims to cut inefficient processes and procedures while reducing dependence on traditional distribution models through the application of technology.

As a fully-automated mobile insurance app, it allows customers to select their own insurance package and self-assess the value of the property to be insured.

An online insurance certificate is instantly emailed to the customer, and all claims processes are automated. The time required to browse through requirements is shortened to only 15 minutes, helping limit the possibility of complaints.

Customers can follow their insurance history to make adjustments for better asset and health protection to benefit from reduced premiums in following years.

The app offers state-of-the-art technologies to accelerate the processing of insurance claims, such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Computer Vision and Deep Learning to analyze images and come to accurate inspection conclusions from the data accumulated during the process of providing services to customers.

In addition to traditional products, such as auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance, and property insurance, the INSO app also provides completely new insurance products such as flight insurance and shipping insurance.

Users can easily download the application at CH Play and the App Store.

Ms. Vu Nguyen Thuy Van, CEO of INSO, said technology has contributed to changing the face of many industries in the world, insurance included. “With the INSO insurance app, we look forward to shortening the time and procedures in purchasing insurance and making claims,” she added. “It also increases awareness among users about the benefits of insurance and will increase the rate of Vietnamese people with insurance.”

According to experts, the concept of insurance technology (InsurTech) is still relatively new in Vietnam, but will soon become a trend that will completely change the insurance industry.

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