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HPL Group co-organizes indoor air quality conference

Released at: 14:31, 25/10/2017

HPL Group co-organizes indoor air quality conference

Photo: Hai Van

Conference hears of dangers posed by formaldehyde use in wooden furniture production.

by Hai Van

The HPL Group cooperated with the AICA KOGYO Group from Japan, the JOWAT Group and the HOMAG Group from Germany, and the MAKOR Group from Italy to hold a conference on “Trends in the Production and Use of Industrial Wooden Furniture and the impact on IAQ” (indoor air quality) on October 24.

The conference heard that formaldehyde, used in some wooden furniture production, is harmful to human health and that almost all developed countries use green materials to build apartments and protect health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) lists formaldehyde as a toxic chemical. Exposure affects the skin and respiratory system and can cause cancer, especially leukemia. It can also be harmful to the development of the fetus during pregnancy.

“The quality of the outside air has often been discussed but never the quality of indoor air, where we work,” said Mr. Pham Van Luong, Chairman of the HPL Group. “A study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US found that indoor air pollution is a serious problem and causes high mortality, as 80-90 per cent of human activity takes place in the home.”

One of the largest sources of indoor air pollution, he said, is furniture, especially furniture made from poor quality industrial wood.

Vietnam has nearly 7,000 enterprises in the wooden furniture industry, he went on, of which nearly 3,000 are exporters. Production value in the furniture industry last year was estimated at $770 million and is expected to exceed $1.1 billion by 2020. “However, more than 80 per cent of furniture in the market is made from industrial wood,” he noted. “It’s difficult to control formaldehyde in furniture products and most products are produced by workshops and households in handicraft villages.”

He optimistically announced that his group has cooperated with the AICA Group on importing green products and that many international groups are interested in Vietnam’s furniture market because of its potential.

Mr. Tagawa Daichi, Regional Manager of the AICA Group said that at concentrations above 0.1mg per kg in the air, formaldehyde inhalation causes irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes, headaches, throat heat, and dyspnea.

“The formaldehyde solution converts to formic acid in the body, and increases cardiac activity, rapid breathing, vomiting, and hypothermia, and leads to coma and death,” he said. “There is strict control over formaldehyde emission levels in Japan.”

The HPL Group aims to construct green living spaces that are safe for users, so it has imported laminated products from the AICA Group, a product leader in Japan.

HPL expects to bring new products and build safe environments for customers as the rate of urbanization increases.

Japanese products must be compatible with the environment, ensuring safety for consumers, and AICA uses green technology in production. The products of AICA are always of F **** standard, an international standard certifying the level of formaldehyde emissions from products is 0 ~ 0.001ppm, and does not include factors harmful to the environment or customers.

The AICA Group is the supplier of interior surface panels, the JOWAT Group is the leading adhesives manufacturer in the world, the HOMAG Group supplies machinery and equipment for the wooden processing industry, and the MAKOR Group provides state-of-the-art machinery and automation equipment that minimize overload, improve production rates, and enhance environmental protection.

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