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HMD & Digiworld strike partnership in Nokia distribution

Released at: 14:13, 27/09/2018

HMD & Digiworld strike partnership in Nokia distribution

Photo: Khanh Chi (VET)

Two sign deal to reboot Nokia smartphone brand in Vietnam.

by Hong Nhung

The Digiworld Corporation (DGW) on September 26 announced an official strategic partnership with HMD Global, the exclusive distributor of Nokia smartphones and tablets, to bolster the development of Nokia products in Vietnam.

The cooperation marks a milestone between Digiworld and legendary phone brand Nokia and also indicates serious ambition and long-term commitment in the development of Digiworld and HMD Global in Vietnam.

Returning to Vietnam for just over a year, Nokia remains attractive for many consumers. According to a Gfk report based on new users (both smartphones and feature phones), Nokia led the way during the first seven months of 2018 in Vietnam, with a market share of more than 25 per cent, up nearly 6 per cent year-on-year.

Counterpoint Research, meanwhile, found that HMD Global sold 4.5 million smartphones globally in the second quarter, ranking it ninth among smartphone manufacturers worldwide.

All Nokia smartphone models are equipped with the Android system and enhanced features, which bring a wonderful experience and significant benefits to customers. Its smartphones are updated quickly with the newest innovations and highest security from Google.

With the return and gradual reconfirmation of Nokia’s position in the market, Digiworld is convinced that its cooperation with HMD Global will bring new technology products from Nokia with high quality and extensive services to the market.

“Vietnam was previously one of the most popular Nokia markets in Southeast Asia and even a significant market in the region,” said Mr. Doan Hong Viet, CEO of the Digiworld Corporation. “Consumers here still appreciate the Nokia brand. We therefore find inspiration in working with Nokia, which remains a familiar name. What the Nokia brand has been doing in the market in recent years certainly promises much for consumers to discover. Despite the long road ahead and the market being full of changes, Nokia is a convincing demonstration of the ‘re-creation’ of a brand.”

“Nokia has returned and gained a foothold in the mobile market, which is not easy,” said Mr. Kyler Tan, Managing Director of HMD Global in Vietnam. “To do this, we need indispensable companions in Vietnam, where there is a strong trust and love for the Nokia brand.”

“The partnership with Digiworld will open the second chapter with prosperity and be one of the steps bringing Nokia back to its former glory. The Nokia brand has been familiar and used to be No. 1 in this market. Many Vietnamese, especially those in the 8X generation, still love the Nokia brand. This is a key factor for Nokia to gain a certain base that other brands don’t possess.”

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