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Hitachi Social Innovation Forum held in Hanoi

Released at: 16:05, 17/12/2018

Hitachi Social Innovation Forum held in Hanoi

Mr. Kosuke Horiuchi (L) and Mr. Kazunori Sudo at the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2018 in Hanoi (Photo: Thuong Le)

Hitachi sees major opportunities in delivering sustainable solutions to Vietnam, December 14 forum hears.

by Jessica Nguyen

The Hitachi Social Innovation Forum was held in Hanoi on December 14 for the second time in Vietnam and aimed at building dialogue on the topic of smart community building and the concept of “Collaborative Creation”.

“Social innovation that helps Vietnamese society is Hitachi’s way forward, and to address societal needs, in particular for Vietnam’s cities and communities, we need to work together with our partners in government,” said Mr. Kazunori Sudo, General Director of Hitachi Asia (Vietnam) Co Ltd.

One of the projects Hitachi highlighted is the development of a wastewater treatment plant in Ho Chi Minh City, the largest such facility in Vietnam, which not only improves quality of life for the city’s residents but also supports the environment by improving the efficiency of water use.

“We really view everything through the lens of social innovation, and this means that everything we do should improve the quality of life of Vietnamese people, take care of the environment, and utilize every resource efficiently,” said Mr. Sudo.

Solutions from Hitachi aim to help Vietnam grow in a sustainable manner while addressing environmental and energy challenges. Its social innovation strategy is also being implemented across the ASEAN region. The goal is to boost value in the region and strengthen each ASEAN member country’s key competitiveness through innovation and technology. The Hitachi Group will invest capital of 420 billion yen ($3.7 billion) globally in FY 2018, primarily in digital solutions and technologies.

Hitachi now employs over 3,500 people in nine companies in Vietnam and leads in a variety of industries, such as infrastructure development, e-payments, e-government, smart factories, healthcare, and home appliances.

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