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GotIt! has new CEO

Released at: 16:00, 24/02/2017

GotIt! has new CEO

Hung Tran & Peter Relan

New CEO best known as Co-Founder of GotIt!, Co-founder & CTO of Webvan and Founder of gaming and mobile incubator YouWeb.

by Hoang Thu

GotIt!, an on-demand marketplace founded by Mr. Tran Viet Hung, has a new CEO.

The startup’s co-founder Mr. Peter Relan replaced Mr. Hung on February 23 and it launched its new website www.gotitapp.co! on the same day.

“I finally convinced my co-founder Peter Relan to run GotIt! as CEO, focusing on the business side, and I’ll focus on products, engineering, and cool tech,” Mr. Hung said. “This year will be epic.”

Mr. Relan is best known as Co-founder of GotIt!, Co-founder & CTO of Webvan and Founder of gaming and mobile incubator YouWeb in Silicon Valley. He funded and became co-founder of GotIt! In 2013.

GotIt! instantly connects students with an expert, who interactively works with them through a step-by-step explanation of school work problems in ten-minute sessions. It became the second-most downloaded education app on the App Store in the US, following only Apple’s iTunes.

Established in 2013, the startup is headquartered in Silicon Valley, where it has attracted talent who previously worked for tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Oracle. The company also has a branch in Vietnam where it employs engineers. It successfully raised over $9 million in Series A and seed funding on April 29 last year.

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