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GotIt! education app winning favor in US

Released at: 10:55, 09/05/2016

GotIt! education app winning favor in US

Q&A app developed by Vietnamese citizen the second-most downloaded app on App Store in US.

by Thu Hoang

GotIt!, an app allowing users, primarily students, to pick the brains of experts and founded by Vietnamese Tran Viet Hung, has become the second-most downloaded education app on the App Store in the US, following only Apple’s iTunes.

The ten minutes it takes for a question to be answered on GotIt! is one of its most outstanding features compared with similar services answering questions, such as Quora.com, Answer.com, and Ask.com, according to insiders.

Most website services require users to wait quite a long time before receiving an answer to their question. “We believe that a ten-minute discussion on almost any problem, captured as a photo and sent online, is a great format for both the student and the expert to really dive into an explanation,” Mr. Hung said.

In the future GotIt! will expand its expertise beyond vertical education to offer the service to a wider user base. “In our long-term vision we expect that GotIt! will become an on demand platform for knowledge to power all Q&A sessions around the world in addition to using Google search,” Mr. Hung told VET.

Established in 2013, GotIt! is headquartered in Silicon Valley, where it has attracted talent who previously worked for tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Oracle. The company also has a branch in Vietnam where it employs engineers. It successfully raised over $9 million in Series A and Seed funding on April 29.

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