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Generali Vietnam launches new insurance product

Released at: 08:37, 09/03/2019

Generali Vietnam launches new insurance product

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"VITA - Song Lac Quan" (VITA - Live Optimistically) combines protection, savings, and investment in the one policy.

by Ngoc Lan

Generali Vietnam Life Insurance LLC has officially launched a new insurance product called “VITA - Song Lac Quan” (VITA - Live Optimistically), a financial solution that combines the three elements of protection, savings, and investment in the same policy for the whole family.

In terms of comprehensive protection, customers are fully protected against 111 critical illnesses, including not only dangerous diseases in the later stages but also serious diseases found in the early stages, critical illnesses in children, and common diabetic complications, with additional payment benefits.

Critical illnesses benefits are not only paid once but many times for different diseases, up to 600 per cent of the sum insured. In particular, customers will receive additional financial support for medical examinations every three years and receive additional financial support when suffering from cancer.

In regard to effective savings, this new product helps customers enjoy attractive interest rates that do not depend on the term or the investment amount. Customers will also receive 100 per cent of the policy value at the end of the contract and bonuses every three years with the right to maintain the contract.

In terms of flexible planning, customers can participate in additional insurance products to increase protection for themselves and the whole family. They can also invest more to enjoy attractive interest rates from the general affiliate fund when there is idle capital.

Customers can also flexibly pay premiums according to their needs and capabilities from the fifth year onwards and flexibly use the contract account value for short-term spending needs.

Ms. Tina Nguyen, CEO of Generali Vietnam said that VITA - Song Lac Quan is a combination of Generali’s two famous products: VITA - Bao An Toan Dien (Comprehensive Security) and VITA - Song Tu Tin (Live Confidently). “With this new product, we look forward to providing the most comprehensive protection and the most effective, safe, and flexible investment benefits for our customers,” she said. “I hope VITA - Song Lac Quan will contribute to bringing the necessary peace of mind to customers, so they can live optimistically every day.”

Generali is an independent Italian Group with a strong international presence. After nearly eight years of operations as a member of the Generali Group, Generali Vietnam currently has a nationwide network of over 60 GenCasa (agency offices) and customer service centers, serving approximately 200,000 clients.

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