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ERP Store solution launched

Released at: 16:47, 09/08/2018

ERP Store solution launched

Photo from moit.gov.vn

Technological solution to support enterprises launched in Hanoi on August 8.

by My Van

An electronic business connecting center called ERP Store, a technological solution to support enterprises, was officially launched in Hanoi on August 8.

ERP Store helps enterprises resolve business problems such as the handling of contracts and documents using digital signatures, freeing up storage space. It enables enterprises to conveniently manage all their documents and provides an electronic ecosystem for enterprises to cooperate and sign contracts online.

“This solution will create a flexible interconnection mechanism that will allow enterprises to electronically process the merging process,” Mr. Dang Hoang Hai, Head of the E-commerce and Digital Economy Department at the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT), told the launching event. “This is one of the most important steps in the commercial process and hence the widespread application of electronic documents throughout society.”

“Enterprises are now mostly small and medium-sized and they have their own software,” he went on. “But this software does not connect to others, and this new electronic axis will create an ecosystem in which enterprises can communicate with each other.” Electronic documents have legal value, are authentic, and ensure safety.

Enterprises need only a tax code and USB digital signatures to begin using the software. Each enterprise is granted four accounts corresponding to four roles: the drafter (the person who creates the document or contract), the approver (the person who approves the document or contract before signing and sealing), the managing director (who signs the documents or contracts), and the administrator.

Use is free for the first two years, with companies then paying low monthly fees compared to the cost of signing paper contracts. The software can work effectively on smartphones, laptops, and desktops, and on all operating systems.

“These are the basic foundations for a comprehensive paperless business solution that the E-Commerce and Digital Economy Department will continue to collaborate with corporations and enterprises in Vietnam over to serve the community,” Mr. Hai said.

The application of digital signatures in electronic transactions in general and the use of electronic documents have become common in many countries around the world. Most e-government and e-commerce solutions in developed countries have electronic authentication platforms based on digital signatures, and this is now an indispensable trend for Vietnamese enterprises.

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