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Digital recruitment bringing more employers and employees together

Released at: 16:51, 17/10/2018

Digital recruitment bringing more employers and employees together

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Finding the right people or right job much more straightforward with digital recruitment, according to VietnamWorks handbook.

by My Van

Employees get the right people for the right job and more quickly thanks to digital recruitment, according to the latest “Digital Recruiting Handbook” from VietnamWorks, based on its data and analyses.

Job search websites and social media are two of the most used platforms for recruiting, accounting for 28 per cent and 25 per cent, respectively, according to VietnamWorks. Therefore, the combination of several digital channels in a recruitment strategy is almost always better than using a single channel. Specifically, in addition to providing a certain number of applications, using multiple channels also helps promote the company’s hiring and employer brand among more candidates.

This method not only uses the power of marketing tools (previously used only to promote products) to introduce current hiring positions, but also corporate culture, the workplace environment, and attractive benefit packages to potential candidates.

Big Data and data quality play the most crucial role in digital recruitment. In order to maximize the effectiveness of digital recruitment techniques, big data containing high quality and regularly updated information will play the most important role, contributing directly to the number of job applications. When using automated email systems or running ads on digital media channels such as social media, the more detailed the information is the more accurate the targeting of ads can be.

In addition, the promotion of online job postings helps to increase the number of job applicants to 458 per cent. This is one of the advanced advertising techniques of VietnamWorks. By automated learning about a user’s behavior when they are looking for jobs in a particular industry or job category, VietnamWorks will advertise similar jobs to them on other media channels.

VietnamWorks has the largest job seeker database in Vietnam, with approximately 3.6 million candidates, most of whom have two or more years of experience, and is also is the largest monthly job site in Vietnam by traffic, with about 8 million views per month.

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