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Digital growth ecosystem needed for online businesses

Released at: 16:01, 19/10/2019

Digital growth ecosystem needed for online businesses

Photo: Hung Cao (VET)

"Digital Growth Summit 2019" gathers together over 500 high-level executives on October 17 in HCMC.

by Khanh Chi

Growing businesses face a range of challenges, and as they grow, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions - what worked a year ago might now be not the best approach today. This was the main topic of discussion at the “Digital Growth Summit 2019” held in Ho Chi Minh City on October 17.

Growth has always been a challenging math for most CTOs, directors, and managers in the competitive business environment seen nowadays. The Digital Growth Summit 2019 is the biggest event for businesses to resolve growth challenges and was organized by Accesstrade together with MOG, Adjust, Insider, and more than ten partners and networks.

Over 500 attendees, more than 70 per cent of whom hold senior-level positions, including more than 350 CXOs, explored four key topics to address the greatest industry impact and influences, including how to optimize Mobile Marketing performance to grow sales effectively and efficiently for the businesses; how to apply Social Commerce in practice to enhance the user experience and push sales at the lowest cost; case studies on how other businesses apply and achieve growth success in practice; and the AMP Growth Platform - the first and unique all-in-one solution for the business growth math under market competition.

Speakers from Tiki, Cashbag, Haravan, and MOG discussed Social Commerce trends in Vietnam and in the world. Mobile Marketing is not a new topic but increasingly draws attention from many businesses due to the importance of mobile and the need for strategies in the digital era. The event brought diverse opinions from successful cases in regards to Mobile Marketing.

The Summit gave the answers to attendees on growth questions, providing thoughtful analyses from various perspectives, ranging from market trends and strategies to actual application with real case studies.

All participants had the opportunity to engage and connect with speakers and others at the networking event held afterwards.

Accesstrade is the largest CPA-affiliated marketing platform in Japan and Southeast Asia and operated by the Interspace Co. Ltd. since 2001, and has expanded to Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Its core value is becoming the strongest network in each country, with support from over 8,500 advertisers and more than 550,000 publisher networks, and it receives more than a million monthly visits across the region.

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