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Coc Coc launches Real Time Bidding

Released at: 15:30, 27/05/2015

Coc Coc launches Real Time Bidding

Service the latest innovation in online advertising.

by Son Ho

Coc Coc has officially launched Real Time Bidding (RTB), becoming the first Vietnamese provider to do so.

RTB allows advertisers to buy impressions on the website at the time the target user visits the site and the ads. Whenever a user accesses the website the system makes calculations on what advertisements to display. Normally, enterprises willing to pay higher will have a greater chance of their ads being screened. However, if the content of the ad is interesting to visitors it will be prioritized for display at a lower cost. The opportunity to screen banners in good locations is equally divided among advertises, even those with low budgets.

Enterprises will use a Demand Side Platform (DSP) to help them decide on the time, location and price of their bid. With Coc Coc, they will also be able to show the ads to specifically-targeted segments or users who are searching for similar products.

“Before, to display ads, enterprises had to pay a fixed price according to advertisers, even though the value from every display is different,” said Ms. Dao Thu Phuong, Sales Director at Coc Coc. “They will now have control over the price for their impressions.”

Ms. Dao Thu Phuong

The service provides a win-win situation to both sides. Advertisers can increase the effectiveness of approaching target segments while limiting wasted impression and ad spend. Providers, meanwhile, can generate greater revenue by selling empty slots to potential customers.

“While the traditional method is revealing weaknesses and low effectiveness, RTB is an innovation in the online advertising industry,” said Ms. Phuong.

Major international corporations have been implementing RTB in Vietnam, such as Google and Facebook.

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