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Bidrico Beverages - Exclusive Drinks for APEC 2017: Milestones of 25 Years Serving Customers

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Bidrico Beverages - Exclusive Drinks for APEC 2017: Milestones of 25 Years Serving Customers

Photo: Bidrico

The beverage company has won numerous awards for its high standards and high quality products.

by My Van

In early 2017, Mr. Nguyen Dang Hien and employees of Tan Quang Minh Manufacture & Trading Co., Ltd (Bidrico) received a third-class Labor Medal from the President of Vietnam for their achievements in technological investment, production, business, social charity, contributions to building socialism, and for defending the fatherland. This award was given to recognize the tireless efforts of the Bidrico’s board of directors and employees for over 25 years of construction and development. During these years, their customers have come to know Bidrico as an outstanding national brand. For producing high-quality beverages, Bidrico has won the trust of both Vietnamese and foreign consumers. Last year, Bidrico purified water was chosen as the official drink of APEC 2017. Sharing the joy with Bidrico, the Vietnam Business Forum had a short conversation with General Director Nguyen Dang Hien. Anh Dao reports.

In 2017, Bidrico was chosen as the main sponsor and official drink for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2017. How did you feel when you handed a check of VND 5 billion to the APEC 2017 Organizing Board?

When we handed it to APEC, we considered it a small but supportive contribution to a major event that made APEC logistics more efficient. It elevated the image and position of Vietnam in the eyes of the international community.

Becoming the host of APEC 2017 lifted Vietnam's position in the region and in the world. Furthermore, APEC 2017 created new momentum, nurtured its future, and promoted development connectivity to boost economic and trade growth and cooperation in new fields. Actually, all of these goals were geared towards the interests of farmers and businesses. That’s why Bidrico thinks that its small contribution to APEC 2017 was not only our responsibility to the country but also a great honor for us. 

Choosing Bidrico’s purified water as the official drink of APEC 2017 was a real hallmark for Bidrico’s development. It was also an important step that elevated Bidrico to becoming a world class brand which allowed it to compete with some of the world's leading beverage brands.

Having been chosen as the official drink for high-level officials from 21 APEC member economies, Bidrico's purified water products must be superior in quality and safety.

The criteria that the National Committee for APEC 2017 used to determine that Bidrico purified water was the appropriate choice included its pure Vietnamese brand identity, its ability to meet the strictest standards of the United States and Japan, and its elegant and luxurious design. 

Currently, Bidrico purified water is packaged in three types of containers - 20-liter containers for families, 0.35-liter PET bottles and 0.5-liter PET bottles. The 0.5-liter bottles were chosen as the official drinking water of APEC 2017 in Vietnam.

Bidrico is a brand that’s been trusted for nearly 25 years, so there’s no reason to doubt the quality of their products.

Bidrico purified water is filtered through activated carbon to remove odors and a thorough ion exchange system to eliminate heavy metals such as iron, copper, lead, zinc, mercury, arsenic and manganese. The water is then passed through an advanced filtration (0.2 micron in size) system, sterilized by ultraviolet rays and treated through a reverse osmosis system powered by US technology. Water samples are tightly controlled and sample tests are conducted monthly according to the standards imposed by the food safety and hygiene authorities of Ho Chi Minh City. 

Apart from assuring the highest quality and safety, Bidrico also focuses on continuous improvements in packaging and design to make Bidrico purified water better, more convenient, more luxurious and safer. In 2016, Bidrico applied large-capacity auto-filling lines to enhance product quality and boost sales to meet demand. Innovation, technology and equipment have helped Bidrico improve product quality and increase its distribution agents. The company now has nearly 1,000 agents and hundreds of thousands of families who use Bidrico purified water in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. 

During its 25 years in the market, Bidrico has never received any negative feedback from its customers. What strategies did Bidrico adopt in its early days to achieve its current success? And what is Bidrico’s vision for the future?

We have never received negative feedback. Our current success comes from the long-term strategy that we adopted during our very first days. It includes product quality, a human resources strategy, a distribution strategy and a very different marketing strategy. More specifically, Bidrico has always put product quality on top and has conducted research on the best products for Vietnamese consumers based on economic development. In order to further enhance our high-quality products, we always update our machinery, equipment and technology so that we turn out products that are on par with major domestic companies and can compete in the world market. 

In addition to product quality, human resources was another key that made Bidrico what it is today. The company’s employees are very qualified. Bidrico's vision is to become a well-known beverage brand in the world. To achieve this, Bidrico must carefully and comprehensively prepare its development strategy, management capacity, human resources and finances. We pay special attention to investments in modern machinery and technology to enhance product quality, and ensure the delivery of high-quality products to our consumers. 

We focus on building trust and connectivity with Bidrico’s manufacturers, consumers, partners and investors by ensuring the transparency of information regarding raw materials, production processes, product quality, and development strategies. Without a doubt, the strongest quality of a company is the trust and support of its consumers, partners and customers. This is how Bidrico has managed to integrate and reach out to the world market for the past 25 years. 

2017 was a milestone for Tan Quang Minh Company. The company has proudly achieved many things in terms of product quality but being chosen as the only purified water brand for APEC 2017 was a turning point for the beverage company. Bidrico products are present in all 63 provinces and all cities across Vietnam. They work with thousands of agents and export to over 20 countries around the world.

Bidrico’s products are guaranteed to have the highest quality and safety standards. They are toxic-free, preservative-free and lead-free. In addition to using carefully chosen materials, the Bidrico production system has been upgraded with state-of-the-art technology and production lines to ensure it meets quality standards. The products also comply with environmental protection standards.

Bidrico's products have been certified with international standards such as ISO 9001:2008, HALAL, HACCP and FDA, FCE and SID (US standards). These certifications serve as proof of Bidrico’s commitment to only working with the highest standards. This also means that Bidrico has met the export standards of Asia, Europe, America and Islamic countries.

After 25 years of consistently pursuing quality, Bidrico is proud to be the owner of a collection of prestigious national and international quality awards. These include the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in the Gold Category in Paris - France in 2011; the Century International Platinum Quality Era Award in Switzerland in 2012; the International Quality Crown Award in the Diamond Category in London, the UK; the International Quality Summit Award in the Diamond Category in New York, the US in 2014; the ASEAN Famous Brand & ASEAN Typical Business Award; the Vietnam High Quality Goods Title for 16 consecutive years (2002 - 2016); and the Vietnam Strong Brand Award for 11 consecutive years.

After 25 years of numerous achievements, Mr. Nguyen Dang Hien was honored with the third-class Labor Order award by the President of the Republic of Vietnam for his outstanding achievements in production and business activities, and for his charitable contributions to community development.

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