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Bamboo Airways set to receive first Airbus A320neo

Released at: 10:50, 29/10/2019

Bamboo Airways set to receive first Airbus A320neo

Photo: Bamboo Airways

November delivery the first A320neo for carrier and first in Vietnam.

by Ngoc Lan

Bamboo Airways will receive its first Airbus A320neo aircraft at the Airbus factory in Toulouse, France, in November.

This is the first aircraft under an order signed between Bamboo Airways and Airbus in 2018 and also the first Airbus A320neo in Vietnam.

One of the special features of the aircraft is the impressive and unique livery by Viet Max, with “Fly Green” inscribed and an image of a bamboo forest reaching into the sky, which demonstrates the carrier’s commitment to protecting the environment.

In addition to the outstanding features inherited from the A320 family, the Airbus A320neo delivered to Bamboo Airways is equipped with the new Leap-1A engine from CFM International - one of the world’s leading suppliers of commercial aircraft engines and which helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 per cent compared to older models.

Manufactured in 2019, the Airbus A320neo cabin is 27.51 meters in length and 3.70 meters in width, allowing a maximum configuration of 194 seats. Bamboo Airways increases passenger cabin comfort by reducing the number of seats to 170, maximizing legroom, seating and reclining space, and widening the aisle in the cabin.

A representative of Bamboo Airways said as an airline with five-star-oriented service, Bamboo Airways is continuously expanding and upgrading its young and modern fleet, keeping up with the rapid development of the world’s aviation industry. “Receiving this first aircraft is an important milestone in the airline’s sustainable development, improving its operational capacity, upgrading its service quality, and providing passengers with opportunities to access high-quality aviation services,” the airline representative added.

The representative emphasized that to achieve this result, Bamboo Airways closely and effectively worked with Airbus in both financial and technical aspects. It will continue to foster cooperation with Airbus in all regards, applying the latest technology and effectively utilizing aviation technology solutions.

After arriving in Vietnam, Bamboo Airways’ new Airbus A320neo will operate green flights with the reduction of single-use plastic products, speeding up the process of launching the Airline’s “Fly Green” campaign with 100 per cent green flights. Bamboo Airways aims at becoming the first green airline in Vietnam to minimize single-use plastic on all flights from November 1.

Its “Fly Green” flights have operated since June and received a lot of positive feedback from domestic and foreign passengers.

By the end of this year, the carrier’s fleet will reach 30 aircraft and grow to 100 by 2024. Bamboo Airways is currently exploiting 28 domestic and international routes, which it plans to expand to 37-40 by the end of this year, including regular international routes to South Korea, Taiwan (China), and Southeast Asia.

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