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Bamboo Airways introduces ViettelPay

Released at: 15:00, 05/06/2019

Bamboo Airways introduces ViettelPay

Photo: Bamboo Airways

Carrier to launch ticket payments via ViettelPay app.

by Ngoc Lan

Bamboo Airways cooperated with Viettel Telecom on May 17 to introduce ticket payments through the ViettelPay app, to further enhance the quality of its services and provide convenience to passengers.

ViettelPay is a digital banking app for Vietnamese people developed by Viettel Telecom to help all people in all parts of the country, including in remote, border and island areas, to conduct money transfers and payments and access loan services.

The cooperation between Bamboo Airways and Viettel Telecom opens up a flexible, convenient and secure payment method for passengers booking flights.

Passengers can pay with a booking code of Bamboo Airways anytime, anywhere via ViettelPay using just a smartphone, simplifying operations and enhancing security. In particular, payments for Bamboo Airways tickets through ViettelPay are free of all transaction costs.

Mr. Trinh Van Quyet, Chairman of the FLC Group, which owns Bamboo Airways, said that in the context of the government determining that the digital economy is an essential pillar in the country’s economic growth, Industry 4.0 represents an opportunity and a challenge for enterprises. “To survive and develop, businesses need to quickly approach the latest technology trends in both production and business models as well as in governance and administration,” he added. “Introducing payments via the ViettelPay app is an important step in the cooperation process between FLC and Viettel to give customers an outstanding experience and convenience in the technology era.”

In October 2018, the FLC Group signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement for the 2018-2022 period with the Viettel Group, which will help FLC promote the application of information technology in corporate governance and administration.

Viettel and FLC will work together to build and deploy common product and service packages to create an optimal product ecosystem that plays to the strengths of each party.

Specifically, Viettel will accompany FLC in the process of digital technology transformation to bring customers the most convenient experience, creating an IT-Telecom platform and bringing advanced, modern and effective technologies to every unit in the FLC Group. At the same time, Viettel is ready to support FLC to reach the domestic market of 60 million customers and 40 million customers in more than ten countries around the world.

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