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App for goods exchange on way

Released at: 13:10, 15/01/2016

App for goods exchange on way

January 16 to see launch of Dobody Global, bringing together those looking to offload goods and services and those seeking them.

by Son Ho

The app Dobody Global will be launched on January 16, facilitating the exchange of goods and services over the internet.

Dobody connects people together by matching supply with demand, just like other popular third party apps like Uber. It searches for people with goods for sale and links them with people searching for such goods. It also helps people connect with the poor to pass on goods they no longer need.

The app has both web and mobile platforms (iOS, Android). Dobody’s system has four basic functions: selling goods, searching for goods, exchanging goods, and passing on unwanted goods. It will initially be free for users and be continuously improved.

Mr. Phan Ba Manh, CEO and Founder of Dobody, said that in 2014, during a trip to central Quang Binh province, he found that many people were short of goods while many city-dwellers had goods they no longer needed. He then came up with the idea of an app that brings to two together.

Mr. Manh and his team started working on the project in June last year. Three months later, “Dobody” was undergoing a pilot run. “The project is to help people optimize the use of products and resolve inventories from overproduction,” said Mr. Manh. “Once in operation it will save resources, reduce waste, and help the economy during periods of financial difficulty.”

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