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AEON Supplier Conference held in Hanoi

Released at: 11:13, 13/06/2019

AEON Supplier Conference held in Hanoi

Photo: AEON Vietnam

Annual conference held in Hanoi for first time to promote exports of Vietnamese goods to Japan.

by Ngoc Lan

The annual AEON Supplier Conference was held in Hanoi for the first time on June 12 by the AEON Group, AEON Vietnam, and AEON TOPVALU Vietnam to promote the export of Vietnamese goods to Japan.

The conference was an opportunity to deepen relationships with suppliers by connecting and supporting them to generate innovative business ideas and create high-quality products that meet the increasing demands of domestic consumers and for export to overseas markets.

Addressing the conference, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai emphasized that the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) is committed to creating favorable conditions for large foreign corporations, including AEON, to develop strongly in Vietnam, and is encouraging Vietnamese enterprises to innovate, improve their capacity, meet international requirements, participate in supply chains, and export goods to foreign distribution networks.

Deputy Minister Hai also encouraged the AEON Group to focus on Vietnamese products that have advantages, such as garments and agricultural products, to implement more policies to support small businesses, and to support the consumption of goods in AEON retail networks not only in Japan but also in other countries such as Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia. “MoIT is always ready to assist enterprises in coordinating the production of export goods chains, thereby increasing value and exports into the supply chains of major corporations such as AEON,” he said.

Mr. Shibata Eiji, Vice Chairman of the AEON Group, said the potential of Vietnamese goods in the Japanese market is substantial. “Japan in general and the AEON Group in particular have great demand for products and goods, but Vietnamese enterprises need to ensure that they meet certain criteria, such as those relating to food, the most important of which is to ensure consumer health and sustainable and ethical business practices,” he said.

Through its activities to strengthen cooperation with suppliers, AEON endeavors to accomplish its targets of securing customer satisfaction and contributing to Vietnam’s economic growth and the sustainable development of the local community.

In 2018, MoIT and the AEON Group signed a memorandum of understanding with the goal of raising Vietnam’s export turnover in Japan via the AEON Group to $500 million by 2020 and $1 billion by 2025, from $250 million last year.

AEON is one of the largest retailers in Japan with a history of over 250 years. It has established businesses in Japan and other Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, South Korea, the Philippines, India, and Cambodia. AEON Vietnam has been officially present in Vietnam since 2009.

TOPVALU is a private brand developed by AEON, with high standards and strict quality management procedures from planning to production and distribution. In Vietnam, more than 100 TOPVALU products have been imported directly from Japan and Malaysia and sold at AEON Vietnam’s general merchandise stores and supermarkets.

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