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TBS Group receives SATRA certification

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TBS Group receives SATRA certification

Photo: TBS Group

TBS Group certified following strenuous audit and evaluation by SATRA experts.

by Doanh Doanh

The TBS Group began operating in 1992 as a leather footwear company but nowadays invests in six key businesses: footwear, handbags, investment and asset management, logistics, hospitality, and retail. Each business plays an important role in TBS’s growth and development.

Its Lab Department recently achieved certification from the internationally-reputed SATRA organization after recording excellent results in an audit and evaluation by its technical experts.

Securing SATRA certification through testing is an extremely significant event and is the result of a full process and the continuous effort of more than 30,000 officers and employees of the TBS Group who are devoted to its growth and sustainable development.

From this breakthrough landmark TBS’s footwear becomes prouder and more confident with its position and its brand reputation to go further and wider in the international market. With this certification the quality products of the TBS Group are now recognized on the global market

SATRA rigorously evaluates product quality management and monitoring by the Lab Department, based on a system of general criteria and standards and also consults with enterprises to identify and build up core issues on quality policy, management and organization, training, testing methods, testing equipment, repair and maintenance, and the calibration of testing equipment and environmental conditions.

Recognizing the importance of controlling and improving product quality for sustainable development, the Board of Management and Lab staff have strived to implement the requirements of SATRA. That was a commitment and demonstration of the ability to perfectly fulfill the most important criteria, being a laboratory of international standard as well as being able to meet the strict and varied needs of leading global leather shoe brands.

Over the past 25 years TBS has provided stable employment for many people. It takes pride in its workforce - our most valuable asset and a formidable factor in growth and development not just of the group but of Vietnam’s industry as a whole. The group is committed to promoting education and training in order to bring Vietnam’s intellectual resources to the forefront of the global marketplace.

From humble beginnings as a small sewing factory and workshop, TBS has established itself as a leading manufacturer with world-class partners including Skechers, Decathlon and Wolverine in the footwear industry, Coach, Lancaster and Tory Burch in the bag industry, and Damco, APL, DHL and Geodis in the logistics field. These partnerships represent the success, not just of an individual or single company, but of Vietnamese industry as a whole.

SATRA is an independent research and testing organization established in the UK in 1919. It has technical facilities in Europe and China serving customers throughout the world. As well as testing products and components to European and international standards across a wide range of industry sectors, SATRA develops, manufactures and sells testing equipment. SATRA is a Notified Body for various European directives, including personal protection equipment (PPE), which is one of SATRA’s largest sector operations. SATRA has its own chemicals analysis laboratory for testing restricted substances in accordance with European REACH and US chemicals regulations, for which it is CPSC-accredited.

SATRA is considered a leading technical authority in footwear and leather. Companies from these industries can become members of SATRA to gain exclusive access to SATRA’s testing methods, accreditation, consultancy, research facilities, technical training and factory production management systems. A number of SATRA systems are recognized in the supply chain as setting industry standards for quality and production efficiency.

As well as the knowledge and experience of its technologists, what distinguishes SATRA is the volume of technical information it has published since 1935 in the form of magazines and books to help promote quality, excellence and professionalism throughout consumer product industries. Much of this information is now available online.

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